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I can't take this. I am going to watch Rounders as this is the story of my life.

i can't believe i'm actually redecorating my cubicle to pass the time.

also, missyj, boy do i wish i had YOUR boss instead of mine who pops her head in every five minutes with "whadja get do you know let me know when you know i can't wait!"

I am very lucky to have my job! The only problem is both of my bosses (who are attorneys) have told me countless times not to go to law school because I'll hate being a lawyer. I hope they're wrong!

i have had lsd, lsac, gmail, and aloha solitaire open all day at work, and just keep going between the windows. this is sad.

wow - we must have the same computer...  I'm switching between happy music and depressing music on the ipod. . .