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Hillary votes to give Bush authority to go to WAR with IRAN...still on his side.

! B L U E WAR R I O R..!

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WAR with IRAN...

this is how the war with iraq began...

wednesday’s vote on the Lieberman-Kyl resolution...condemning iran and allowing the designation of its revolutionary Guards as a “terrorist” entity...was a litmus test for candidates seeking the presidency.

how would a democratic presidential candidate in their right mind vote for a resolution which would open the door for bush to go to war with iran?

Biden voted against it...he claims he was wrong to support bush before-lack of judgement
Dodd voted against it...he says he was wrong to support bush before-lack of judgement

Hillary Clinton voted FOR it...

Her vote in favor of the resolution was reckless and foolish and shows the naive flawed judgment ... but pandering her original Iraq authorization vote. but NOW...she has no excuse of claiming she didn’t know Bush’s character.

this is NOT about what she would do as president...


Hiliary Clinton FAILED the litmus test.

will she apologize for that vote after bush declares WAR????