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If you were accepted to both schools and were given equal money, which would you choose?

22 (55%)
18 (45%)

Total Members Voted: 39

Harvard vs. Stanford Poll

Harvard vs. Stanford Poll
« on: September 25, 2007, 05:08:08 PM »
And while geography could influence your vote, don't let it be personal geographical ties or  your vote won't have value for others.  (i.e. Harvard may indeed get a bump if you like New England, and the voting might reflect that, but if your ex-husband and his wife are at Stanford but your best friend is at Harvard, that type of stuff won't be helpful in determining the better school from the point of view of LSDers.

Every year on this site--I've been around a long time :-[-- people will debate this stuff.  So here is a chance to simply tally votes.