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Asking for More Scholarship Money - Please give your opinions on this letter

I asked for the address of the person who I need to speak to about increasing my scholarship offer, and that person e-mailed me. The following is a draft of the letter that I intend to send.

Please review and leave your comments. Could I be ballsy and ask for a full scholarship? My UGPA is something around 3.67, (3.8 over 3 years at Rutgers University, 3.45 over 1 year at the University of Rhode Island, and a 4.0 from about 9 credits from a community college) and my LSAT was 167. Your help is very much appreciated.

Also, if you have any suggestions for the letter that I will soon write to the other school (Fordham), please mention them.

FYI, Brooklyn Law School is offering me $30,000 per year, plus a housing subsidy. Also, I would have to commute to Fordham.


Dear so-and-so,

I am having an enormous amount of trouble deciding whether I should attend Brooklyn Law School over Fordham University. So, in brief, the reason I am writing to you is to see if you are able to increase the size of my merit scholarship.

I visited both campuses last weekend, and I felt much more at home at BLS. The neighborhood is ideal—it’s beautiful, it feels safe, and it’s classy. The student body was friendly, even though it was during finals. The school’s facilities are much more comfortable as well; the seats in the lecture halls are easy on my back, which is important to me because I have chronic back pain. Also, being able to live on campus would make my three years spent at school so much easier.

However, Fordham’s higher ranking suggests that I would get a better education by going to school in Manhattan, which is very important to me. I love being a scholar—one of my fantasies is that I get a job at an Intellectual Property law firm that asks me to go back to school earn a Pharmacy or Engineering degree.

I have tried to forecast my career trajectory over the next ten years in an effort to make an intelligent decision. In one version of the future, I graduate from Fordham and get hired at a large law firm at a higher salary than I would have received if I had graduated from BLS (which is likely, according to many sources). I find that I love my job, and over time, my greater earning potential erases the benefit of accepting BLS’ current scholarship offer. In another scenario, I become a prosecutor right out of law school. Because I am earning far less money, accepting a scholarship was one of the smartest decisions I had ever made.

Currently, my belief is that I would be happiest as a prosecutor. I have heard that BLS has especially close ties with the local District Attorney’s office, which suggests that I would be best served by going to school in Brooklyn. However, I cannot accurately predict what my interests will be three years from now. Case in point: when I began my undergraduate education, I was sure that I wanted to study Microbiology; however, I eventually changed my mind. I graduated with an English degree with a concentration in Creative Writing. 

So you see why I am torn. What complicates things further is that Fordham is offering me a $5,000 per year merit scholarship. (I asked for your mailing address so that I could show you a copy of their scholarship award.)

Many people I have talked to have said that it sounds like I am looking for a reason to go to Brooklyn Law School. If I were to admit this, then you might be able to say that I am asking you to provide me with such a reason.

Please let me know if you can offer me further financial aid.

Thank you


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Did they ever up your offer?  I asked early on to be put on a short list of folks waiting for more money and was given $6k more per year.

They upped my award from 24K to 30K without prompting.

Thanks for the input

Screw it, I'm just going to go to Fordham.

Anyone want my BLS scholarship money? I'm going to withdraw soon, so go ahead and send in your requests for more cash.