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Law School Phone Answerers- It was the Best of Times and the Worst of Times...


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Iowa - seemed busy, but they were very nice
TX Tech - I wasn't very impressed.  Their annoyance came through in an e-mail as well.
Tulane - wonderful.  When I had a tour, the dean called me a few days before to confirm it and to wish me a safe trip!  What service!  :)

UC Hastings Phone Guy :)

Worst: Boston University. And not just because of my final phone conversation with them. I had the numbers, recommendations, honors (from a top undergrad institution), and interesting work experience. I transmitted my application on September 6, 2006 (that’s right! SEPTEMBER), and included an essay about why I was extremely interested in BU Law. Two current students wrote letters of support that were added to my file. As the months went by, I sent in two addendums to my application, noting significant professional achievements. In the meantime, T14s waitlisted me and BC Law accepted me and began to win me over. I met incoming and current BC students and loved them. When I called to inquire about the status of my application, BU repeatedly replied, “you’re in committee.” Thanks guys, I’ve been “in committee” forever. Finally I reached Joan Horgan, Dean of Admissions. She feigned interest in my situation and admitted that April was a long time to be waiting for a decision. Others in the office gave me false hope, suggesting that good news would come my way soon. Finally I got a rejection over the phone. When the extremely rude Admissions person (named Melissa or Amanda, I believe?) had the audacity to ask me “if I was okay with the decision?” (like my feelings mattered or could have changed anything!) I said, “Completely. I’m going to your competitor and I feel great about it.” Their loss!

Best: Boston College Law School. Great about keeping in touch with applicants/keeping them posted, friendly admissions office, and they sent me information about a unique scholarship that they thought would be a good match - I’m now a finalist. 

haha i've actually had the opposite experience w/ BU and BC... but I can see why BU pissed you off. :-\


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Best: Cornell and GW

Worst: BU

NYU continues to be RUDE whenever I call. Doesn't matter which office I'm calling.


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I'm beginning to think that is just New York.  CUNY, Pace, Hofstra, and NYLS are all a little rude when I call.


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NYU continues to be RUDE whenever I call. Doesn't matter which office I'm calling.

Everyone keeps saying this about NYU...but they've been great to me over the phone! Especially the finaid people and the housing people, who were both more than happy to spend a significant amount of time on the phone with me.

Based on the aggregate of things I've heard about UCLA...why do people apply there?!

Well, there's a myriad of reasons the school (at least for undergrad) is the most applied to school in the country: cheap tuition, great academics, great location, great athletic program, etc. etc. My roommate goes there and loves the place.

Judging a school based on the friendliness of the people manning the phones seems a bit much, don't you think? I mean, it is a public school...

Eh, well part of me is just griping at the glaring incompetence of these people. But at the same time I don't think there's much of an excuse for law school phone people not to know anything at all.  Especially those that work at schools that are ranked fairly high and will be fielding calls from interested, very qualified applicants.  That does send a strong signal.  Whether or not it's strong enough to NOT attend... who knows?!  Guess that will have to be judged in light of all the other options an applicant may have.

I honestly think that bad phone experiences (and i've had them too) totally depend on individual experience.  I had great experiences with the UCLA admissions office, I think it depends on who you talk to.  I applied almost 2 months past the deadline after getting a fee waiver, and got a phone call exactly a week later from Dean Schwartz notifying me of my acceptance and urging me to come to an admitted students event that week.  At the same time, I know a lot of people waited ages for a decision from UCLA for no good reason - who knows what their methods are.  Dean Schwartz is always super helpful and I never feel like he's trying to rush me off the phone - on the contrary, he was more than willing to chat with me about financial aid, housing, etc.

I totally agree with the above poster who observed the basement dungeon that is UCLA's admissions office.  I was in there last week for a tour, with about 5 other people, and there was barely enough room for us to all stand.  We have to take pity on the poor employees who have to work there.

Alas, while the admissions office was great, UCLA's housing office seems to be staffed with disabled monkeys with poor language skills, who are only capable of transferring me to people who will inevitably transfer me back to the housing office.

NYU: very friendly.
Columbia's admissions are really nice on the phone also. Their financial-aid office, however, is very rude and curt. Admittedly, I'm not so good on the phone in English (I'm not used to making phone calls in English), so I probably sounded like an idiot, but still.