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Middle Class Blacks Do Not Need AA

Re: Middle Class Blacks Do Not Need AA
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Your presumption is unwarranted. Saved ticket money vs. constantly being thought a criminal by the authority figures in society based on the color of your skin. Certainly not an obvious choice.

Your presumption is unwarranted.  On what do you base the belief that MJ will constantly be thought a criminal by authority figures based on the color of his skin?  1)  His windows will probably be tinted, as noted.  2.  Actually, he'll probably have a driver.  3)  He's basically instantly recognizable. 

Even if some cops are more suspicious of blacks, that will generally decline based on the dress of the individual, the type of car he drives, etc.  And regardless of any suspicion accorded someone like MJ, it's unclear how that could affect his academic achievement. 

Hey dummy. No particular reason to think that his windows will be tinted; illegal in many states. He is not necessarily instantly recognizable. Perhaps the cop is very young/foreign/etc etc etc? And presumably MJ wants to drive his own fancy car and not have his driver do it--that's why he got the convertible in the first place. AND the po pull black people over just as often when they're in nice cars--there's a happy little presumption that since black folk can't afford nice cars, they probably stole it. And being systematically oppressed by authority figures in society affects absolutely everything in your life--being pulled over is symptomatic of a larger issue, A, and B is that being discriminated against and hated counts as adversity last time I checked. People who overcome adversity make better people, and add diversity to the class.

Re: Middle Class Blacks Do Not Need AA
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1. for example: your teachers have biases from living in a racist and oppressive system, and think you're dumb, and therefore do not push you to achieve as they do other students. I am sure there are many many many other ways in which this could play out.

2. Did I say that MJ has it worse than all whites? (Hint: no.) Did I say that MJ doesn't have it better than most whites? (Hint: no again.)

3. People who aren't visible URMs can still face the same kind of discrimination that their visibly-URM counterparts face, e.g. once someone finds out that they are of that group.

This stuff is not that hard. No one is saying that all URMS are worse off than all non-URMs. What i think most proponents of race-based AA are saying is that pretty much all URMs, regardless of SES, face adversity on the basis of their race, and that that should be a consideration. No one is saying anything about poor white people, or, if they are, they're almost certainly saying that poor white folk should get a leg up too: SES diversity is also good for a class. I don't see why you can't have both programs in effect.

Re: Middle Class Blacks Do Not Need AA
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Middle class blacks benefit from AA?  I had no idea.  Why do middle class blacks need AA?  Doesn't being middle class mean you have access to an adequate education?  Will that mean I have to go to school with people who are intellectually my inferior?  I like that idea.  It makes me look better.  If you're black and headed to Harvard next year, don't worry, I'll be there to help you with the big words...I'

Re: Middle Class Blacks Do Not Need AA
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