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So they just made the BAR exam a ton harder...


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So they just made the BAR exam a ton harder...
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:46:19 AM »
IMPORTANT NEWS: Changes to the Illinois Essay Exam and Multistate Essay Exam effective with July ’07 bar

There are two major changes that will become effective with the July ’07 administration of the Illinois bar exam:

Illinois Essay Exam (IEE):  The long-standing practice of limiting IEE topics to two Illinois civ pro and one equity is being discontinued, in order to expand the pool of potential topics to include those traditionally limited to the MEE (Multistate Essay) and MBE (multiple-choice) components of the bar.  The new topic pool:

Administrative law                   
Biz-orgs: corporations and ltd. liability companies, agency & partnership
Commercial paper
Crim law and procedure
Family law
Federal and state constitutional law
Federal jurisdiction and procedure     
Federal tax     
Illinois civ. pro.
Personal property, incl. sales and bailments
Real property
Secured transactions
Wills and trusts (incl. future interests)

Multistate Essay Exam (MEE): The traditional pool of MEE topics (which has been much broader than the narrow pool of IEE topics) is being expanded to include six topics previously relegated to the MBE, the multiple-choice portion of the bar.  Below is the complete topic pool, with asterisks next to the newly added MBE topics:

   Commercial transactions:
commercial paper,
secured transactions,

personal property
Family law

federal civ pro,
Illinois civ pro

*Constitutional law
*Crim law and procedure
*Real property

This will potentially result in more cross-testing between different components of the bar exam – e.g., in addition to 34 multiple-choice torts questions, there may also be a torts essay question.
Even though the pool of topics is expanded, there’s no guarantee as to what topics, in fact, will be used.  This is consistent with the continuing trend of bar examiners to make the exam more difficult and raise the standards for passing; the goal is to drive down the passage rate.  Although you will not need to study additional topics, you will need to know how to articulate answers to a broader variety of questions.