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You have got to be f-ing kidding me.


Re: You have got to be f-ing kidding me.
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1.   I see what you are saying about the immoral thing.  But you are so wrong about the legal aspect.  Speeding, Attempted Murder, ect.  This must be our fundamental disagreement. I think it is best to punish actions, and you think it is best to punish results.  We probably wonít agree on this, so Iíll leave it at that.

2.   We disagree, but I understand   

4.   Perhaps yes

5.   tougher than they are now in the majority of states at least.

6.   you make it seem ridiculous.  As I said before, we are spending millions to save peoplesí animals in natural disasters.  FYI, we canít fix the prison system without spending more money.  Do you want to fix it or not?  Of course there are limitations.  That is just a weak ass claim you made to cry and ruin the credibility of what I said.  Better luck next time.

7.   I explain the DD thing.  RIF

8.   The DD laws are not strong enough, that is my point.

9.   I trust physical evidence much more than the word of a cop.  Furthermore, BACs tests are only given after the cop suspects someone of being intoxicated.  Were you given a test when you were pulled over?  I doubt it.  It would be a violation of your rights and if you were, I suggest suing the hell out of whatever state you are in.  The fact that you are against this method shows me that you donít really know much about it.  It doesnít reflect at all how impaired someone is?  That is blatantly false.

the public service campaign is a good idea.  on your last point.  I find it almost amusing that you seem to infer so many negative ideas from what I write.  I write that we donít take DD seriously enough, and you just assume that I mean we need more bars, more guards, and more prisons.  If you stopped and actually looked at what I am writing for what it is, you might understand what I am saying.   What should we do about DD?  First, hold everyone in the car responsible.  If you are in the car that does a drive-by, you are held responsible.  The same should be true for DUIs.  I bet that would dramatically reduce the number.  Second, Jail time.  It is amazing what the prospect of even spending a little time in jail can do to a person.  Third.  Effective programs for rehabilitation.  I have known people who have gotten DUIs.  The programs are a joke.