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Re: laptop
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Search any notebook forum and you'll find tons of threads about this.

There's a thread copied between and NBR that suggests the same problem and a possible fix here and here. If that doesn't work, T61s come with a bunch of recovery software and you might be able to sort things out using R&R's "restore to factory default" switch.

You're right that Lenovo isn't the greatest brand on its own, but there's a big jump between the C3000 laptops (mediocre to average from what I've read) and the Thinkpad lines (basically the gold standard). They'll stop carrying the IBM logo before long but I don't think even diehard customers have complained about an overall drop in quality.

Re: laptop
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Considering that the only Software i installed was Mircosoft Word, i am quite sure it's the hardware. And i didn't say all thinkpads had bluescreen; but enough of them do and i wouldn't be willing to take this risk again. To everyone else: buy thinkpads at your own risk...

hardware specs of your T61?

2 gigs of ram
2 Ghz Processor, Core 2 Duo
One would expect that this would be enough to run f-ing Mircosoft Word!

No offense here, but I still do sell these things for a living.
The chances of it being a hardware issue are slim.
This is more than likely a driver problem, a software issue, or user error.
I've sold around 1000 lenovo T61's this year alone and I haven't gotten a single complaint of 'blue screen'.
I'd wager there is something wrong with an install, or that you have bad memory.
Take it to your law schools help desk and see if they'll fix it for you - some will.
Failing that, take it to geek squad or a good repair specialist.
If you have a warranty, Lenovo will help you.
also check here: