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Well, your route depends on several factors, the most important one initially is whether to practice as a barrister or solicitor, as the training varies for each. I only really know about becoming a solicitor.

Second, you must decide what type of law you wish to practice. If it's corporate, try and get  'magic circle' city firm to sponsor you through the training to become a solicitor. If not, you'll have to pay yourself (but it's much less expensive than in the U.S).
Then you have several options for solicitors' training, and it's a bit confusing so tell me if this doesn't make sense. Note that law undergrad exists in England. So you may choose to go back to undergrad (LLB) which, if it's your second degree, they will most likely allow you to complete in two instead of three years. You then have the first part of your training, approved by the 'Law Society' (like ABA). After that, you'll have to take a course called the LPC (legal practice course), which will have to be proceeded by a training contract in a firm, lasting two years. During those years you are paid and you rotate, doing seats in various departments. Then you become a qualified solicitor and, if you want to stay, the firm normally keeps you on. Do note that in England it's much harder to get the training contract than to get into law school.
If you choose not to do a second BA, you must do what's called the CPE before the LPC instead. CPE stands for 'conversion practice course' to law, for people who do not have a law undergraduate degree. It lasts one year.

I would recomment the second BA option. You'll have a more in depth knowledge of the law, which will appeal to employers, and you'll really get the English university experience, which is fun! The LPC and CPE are studied in professional law colleges that teach only that, so the atmosphere is less than vibrant. There are tons of great universities you could apply to here, depending on your grades and credentials. Oxford is best for law. I am finishing an undergraduate degree in English and French there this year and can tell you it's a fantastic place to be. In London, try King's College and UCL. Though there are tons of others. I noticed you mentioned Warwick.... it's horrid, don't go there! For uni listings, go to UCAS is the University and Colleges Admissions Service.

Other useful sites you'd have to do a search for are: The Law Society, The College of Law, BPP Law school. These two schools offer the CPE +LPC in London.

The Law Society will tell you stuff about becoming a barrister, it's rather complicated.

Do tell me if I've been unclear or there's anything else you'd like to know. And if you decide to apply! May I ask what had prompted your interest? I ask because I'm British and want to get a J.D....

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