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Looking into Law @ Western or Queen's


Looking into Law @ Western or Queen's
« on: July 12, 2003, 11:12:08 AM »
hey everyone
i'm 18 and i've been considering law in the future. I am on my way to McMaster for a BA and I was considering Western or Queen's. I really wanna get into internet/technology related law and Western offers an IT-ish type law program. I was wondering if anyone has anything to say about that program or about Western's rep for law in general.

I am also considering Queen's law for criminal law. are they well known for law?

and i know i'm asking a lot of questions but i have no idea how GPA's and LSATs work...i know that McMaster uses a 12 point system...but how would that convert to normal GPAs? like, people say that they have a 3.9 and that is really really good, but at MAC, a 3.9 GPA would be like a fail or something


Re: Looking into Law @ Western or Queen's
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go to

There are tons of Canadians talking about law school there. They are great people!


Re: Looking into Law @ Western or Queen's
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I'm banned from that message

There was a thread on Christians in law school and i started talking about Jesus, lion's food, etc...

It didn't go over well.


Yes, western is my 2nd choice school, based simply on if my g/f gets into waterloo for optometry this year.