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ChiTown: The sole oasis in the desolate wasteland which is the Midwest


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yeah, i used to live in minneapolis. well, brooklyn center actually. i took accounting classes at uminn, and used to hang out at the 400 bar and another place whose name i'm forgetting - it has a lot of live bands and is right next to a biker bar. dinkytown isn't bad, but too young. but i got out of there to move to the big city (new york), because i found minnesota to be a crappy place to live if you don't have roots there. a great place to raise a family, but not a great place to be single...


soda, yes! this site is getting old cause people like choson, dsong, irish, head etc don't post anymore. i thought you were 5'1" cause in the avatar, you have a very young face. but in person, you look 23. i dunno... were most of the people at minx friends of yours? a lot of those girls looked very young too.

I knew most of the people there... but that doesn't mean i like talking to all those people... and yes they are all about 23 and older. Wait, i don't look young in person? Damn, i feel like i have bags under my eyes (bags on my sides too), wrinkly and groaning all the time (of course because of my old health problems).

Most times asian girls are young looking for their age (but then again there's me, the old one). Plus most of them are shorter... i'm about 5'6 which isn't much but sometimes if i'm in a certain crowd i look extremely tall.

you're coming back to Chicago next month?? ha ha ha ha can't get enough?

looking your age isn't a bad thing for an asian. people are always mistaking me for 19 or something and its really annoying. and you don't have wrinkles or bags. you look hot both in your pic and in person.  :-* are you sure you're only 5'6"? i could have swore you're just as tall as me...

did you recognize me from my avatar at all before i approached you on saturday? i remember i walked past you a couple times and made eye contact before i actually talked to you. or maybe i was just drunk...