Law School Discussion

Do any online schools (non-aba) offer merit based full rides?

I have a 152/3.3 I am prepping around 155 without much studying, but (TLDR) my softs are the main concern.
I have withdrawn from law school twice before receiving grades due to refusing treatment for a mental health diagnosis and not being capable of focussing on studies. A third time I was expelled for making a material mistake on my application. Therefore, I believe a high last score will not make a difference unless I can overcome my softs in the first place.
Other softs - I have an MBA and I am in the second year of a Ph.D. program while maintaining a 3.9x GPA. I have two years of volunteer paralegal experience and some leadership experience. However, I do not want to take on any debt for law school. The local school is unlikely to offer me a full ride even if I get admitted and retake the LSAT in the upper 150s. Right now I am right at their medians and was outright rejected last year there and at other lesser schools.
Do any online law schools offer substantial merit aid? I would be enrolling simply for self-fulfillment/ redemption/ learning the law for my volunteer gig. I would just as gladly do a master's in legal studies, or even an associate's or 2nd bachelors, but I do not want to spend thousands of dollars. Are there any of these programs that offer full merit aid either?