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Important Features of CAT 2020 - On screen calculator and timer

The on screen calculator and the timer are an essential aspect of the cat mock test free 2020 as it well help the candidate familiarise themselves as to how to use it so that on the day of the exam they do not face any difficulty.

On Screen Calculator

With the help of the on-screen calculations, candidates will be able to make the necessary calculations. Candidates are not allowed to carry with them any electronic gadgets to the test centre of CAT, hence it is imperative for them to familiarise themselves with the usage of the onscreen calculator. This will ease their task as it has been observed in the past that the candidates who do not practice using the calculator, they face problems on the day of the exam.

On Screen Timer

The timer on the right hand side of the screen on the CAT 2020 mock test indicates the time that is left for the completion of the exam. Candidates will also get to know how much time is left for them to answer questions in each section.

Key Guidelines to Be Followed while answering questions in CAT Mock Test 2020?
There are certain important points which the candidates must keep in mind as they appear in the official CAT 2020 mock test.

How to answer the MCQs in the mock test?
First and foremost candidates will have to click on the question number that is visible on the palette and then choose the correct answer bubble by clicking on it.

If the candidates are confident that the answer selected by them is correct then in such a case they will have to click on “save and next” tab after which the next question will be displayed on the screen. However, if they are not very confident about the answer and want to reconsider the option chosen by them then in such a case they will have to click on the tab “Mark for Review & Next”. In case the candidate does not choose any option, then the answer to that question will not be saved.

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