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Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct
« on: October 22, 2019, 02:00:34 AM »
So..I'll just start from the top.

I was enrolled in a 2 year diploma at NAIT (Technical institute) my first semester there I was found guilty of academic misconduct, basically submitted the same assignment as another student (not trying to deny I was guilty) in my last semester of the 2 year diploma I was found guilty for the same thing.

The first time I just got a letter on my file and an F on the assignment but the second time I was suspended from the institution for a year and received all F's for that semester on my transcript. This happen in 2014.

After that year I enrolled at UofA in a sociology degree and worked really hard to get a 3.8 (in my last 2 yrs) my cgpa is around 3.2 and an lsat score of 166.

I have really good extracurriculars/volunteer experience in the community as well as references -I'm wanting to apply to the university of calgary and university of alberta faculty of law.       

I know in most law school apps it asks you about your history with academic dishonesty and i guess what i'm asking is all things considered do i have even the slightest chance?

PS guys i'm asking for honest advice PLEASE don't make me feel bad i feel really bad about what i've done and can honestly say i'm a different person since then and have worked really hard in my undergrad. I've overcome a lot of hardships and personal situations these past few years that have also contributed to that growth (gave birth to my son in my fourth year while attending full time classes and have learned a lot about responsibility!)

Re: Academic misconduct
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