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Blended Workforce Job Opportunities


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Blended Workforce Job Opportunities
« on: April 16, 2019, 05:21:08 AM »
How A Blended Workforce Helps Service Providers To Meet Customer Needs

Having a stable core group of employees is a must, as having freelancers come in to help with different projects can be a significant change. Your employees have the experience to drive growth in your business, and the last thing you want is for them to feel unstable or dislike the new atmosphere and leave. High employee turnover is awful for business, both in terms of reputation, work completed, and time/money spent on training new employees.

Example Of A Blended Workforce

Let’s use as an example; our on-demand service platform. You can consider this service an Uber of the telecom industry, with over 40,000 engineers registered in 170+ countries. We are offering their services to telecom companies as on-demand engineers to go onsite at customer premises and install routers/switches/wireless/voice equipment. This saves money for the telecom companies who do not have enough work, but at the same time need someone who can go to their customer’s premises when required. This is the perfect example of the ‘blended workforce,’ helping service providers on-demand. The workforce is ‘elastic’ meaning that is can expand and contract when needed as per project demands.

Something you’ll commonly find behind a blended workforce is the short-term need for a unique skill set. A company may sometimes require a skill that is outside of their full time’s team knowledge. Instead of turning the contract away and losing out, they’ll hire a contractor who is highly recommended and skilled to complete the job instead.

The blended workforce model can also be used to better align with a business budget. If you have the opportunity to work in another state, you may not want to turn that down. At the same time, you may not want to add travel expenses to your operating expenses, so it can be a tough thing to call. Instead, you can engage your on-demand workforce, or ‘feet on the street’ as they are sometimes called, expand Blended Workforce Freelancers your geographic reach and satisfy the customer. Everybody wins!

VoIP phone system installation:

A software system differs from a hardware system insofar that the software simply needs to be installed on a computer or mobile phone, enabling it to be used as a VoIP phone (and thus making it a softphone). Headsets and handsets can also be plugged into a computer for ease of use when it comes to making and receiving calls, but the basic principle of a software VoIP solution is that it is a programme to be installed, rather than a piece of kit to be plugged in. Read about how to install a software VoIP phone system here!

Re: Blended Workforce Job Opportunities
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Re: Blended Workforce Job Opportunities
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Re: Blended Workforce Job Opportunities
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Useful topic, ty!

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