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Failed Part A of the July 2017 FL Bar Exam by 1 Point

Failed Part A of the July 2017 FL Bar Exam by 1 Point
« on: September 28, 2017, 08:00:29 AM »
I failed part A of the FL bar exam by one point. My scoring breakdown is as follows:

(1) 25.5 on dependency law essay, mean score was a 38.7;
(2) 55.5 on FL Con Law essay, mean score was a 52.1;
(3) 53 on Secured Transactions and Commercial Paper essay, mean score was a 35.1;
(4) 14/30 correct on FL Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, mean score was a 17.9;
(5) 17/30 correct on Business Entities, mean score was a 17.2;
(6) 14/30 correct on Wills and Administration of Estates, mean score was a 17.5;

My raw score was a 179 which scaled out to a 135  :-[

My main question is what are my chances of the Florida Bar giving me a point since I submitted them a letter asking them to review my scores? It is utter BS that they awarded me half a point on both sections (1) and (2) of the essays instead of a full point. With half a point on each of those I pass. Also I never studied Articles 3 and 9 of the UCC and somehow my grade on essay (3) was the most impressive. 

I bombed the MBE with a 121. I am addressing that problem by buying adaptibar for $500. Hopefully next time I can pass the MBE easily.

Last question is, is it a good idea to work part time and study for the bar? I found a government agency that is willing to hire me part time. It is not paid yet but hopefully it will lead to a paid job. I just don't want blank spaces on my resume after I studied for the July bar exam without working. Now that I am sitting for the February bar exam I think I can manage a job for 20 hours a week and still manage to get some good studying in.

In summary:
Question (1) Is there even the slightest chance the FL Bar will give me a point on a regrade or was submitting the regrade request a waste of time?
Question (2) Is it a good idea to study for the bar with a part time job?

Re: Failed Part A of the July 2017 FL Bar Exam by 1 Point
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Re: Failed Part A of the July 2017 FL Bar Exam by 1 Point
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