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International student recieved a disciplinary probation. Help!!

Hi! I'm an international student studying in the U.S. I recently received a disciplinary probation for causing a disturbance which required police attention. that was my charge. What basically happened that day was my girlfriend and I were in  my room. Put a little crudely, we got very loud and the RA, who was outside my room at that moment, dialled 911 thinking my girlfriend was getting assaulted. The police came and questioned both of us and left. My girlfriend and i thought that was it because the police report that followed said there was no evidence of sexual or relational violence and this is also stated in the university report. However, the university gave me disciplinary probation on the charges mentioned above. My question is : will this prevent me from getting into a top law school? I basically feel like my entire future is ruined because of this and no matter how many times my girlfriend and I explain to them, they refuse to accept this as a misunderstanding. Will this seriously affect my chances in law school admissions?