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Thinking about withdrawing during first semester of 1L, Can I get in elsewherE?

Well this has gotten productive. (See Section 5 of the article)

This board is cool, because for the few people that come there is actual advice etc, unlike Top Law Schools where anonymous internet posters get in pi**sing contest with each other. 

The OP had a legit question and received solid advice, but someone this thread has devolved into that.

I am a little embarrassed at how much time I spend on this board personally, but it is enjoyable, however fighting anonymously with someone on the internet that you will never meet or know, or possibly win the argument doesn't make a ton of sense.

Keep it classy LSD.

OP's first question was legit, albeit flawed, his second post boggled the mind and opened the window to who/what was behind the other end of the screen.
I just hate people who lie and think they are too "clever" to be caught. Come on now.

Good link though.