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Haven’t people learned that bill and Hillary Clinton are not truly there to help people?
So many people who have helped them however have landed on the dustbin of failure—lives ruined and some have gone to jail...
Huma is a dupe.  And the Clintons do not care.

Let me repeat that. The Clintons DO NOT care.

Inspector general report should have many questions answered and then a genuine grand jury should be triggered to investigate The criminal dissemination of “top secret compartmentalized sensitive material” which ended up on wieners computer.

NO intent was needed for this crime.  Hillary is busted red handed.

She must pay!!!!!
All the talk of ‘justice’ needs to have factual punishment for consequences of criminal actions.

This I G report should have enough in it to put the nail in hiliarys lies and pin her down for what she is.

A disingenuous rube.

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Well why has the vanquished Hillary Clinton been out in full public view since she lost the election when most losers quietly disappear for a while?

Simple- “there is nothing to see here”

Clinton should have been prosecuted for criminally mishandling security documents which need securing to protect our country and our families.
The Justice Department under Loretta Lynch Obstructed the process of justice—“a matter”?
James Comey and others also sullied the rule of law by not prosecuting her.  So he to is culpable.

"Although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case,"

Because people, including President Obama wanted Clinton to succeed him as President—first of all.

The letter Comey sent to Congress when emails were discovered on Anthony Weiners laptop was “late in the game cover” for the FBI
As they were trying to play on both sides of the game.

Then Comey said this:

Although there is evidence of potential violations regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,"

Why would no “reasonable” prosecutor bring such a case??

Fuxk you American public—the fbi “Clinton team” and Obama crew wanted and fugured she was going to be elected.

...and then if they had pursued the case? Oh the fall out

..loaded for bear visiting Hiliary would make her retaliation if she was elected swift and uncaring.

Department of Justice Lynch and Comey were looking out for their reputations, wellbeing and future jobs.

I hope that they are all handed the book by the Inspector General.

Then the next day Clinton should
Receive due process of the law and a grand jury should be activated.

Then Lynch, Comey and their cohorts.

They have all been out in full public view to give the impression that there is nothing to see.

Including Obama who has a peculiar character flaw for strange expressions.

“There’s no there there.” To a behavioralist that set off a red flag.

IRS scandal and Clinton emails
Obama’s guilt is screaming out of all this. 

But the smoke screen of nothing to see here should/ will come down when the inspector generals report comes out.

Let’s hope there are som reasonable prosecutors out there!!!! Whose hands aren’t dirty or tied to the corrupt democratttttix machine.

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McCabe theatrics and Comey theatrics... Grossly inappropriate to let Clinton walk away.. but weiner reopen saved face.

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Hillary Clinton was quick to call her friends at New York Times to take down factual report on the criminal investigation begun by the FBI regarding her gross negligence.....but dragged her feet and let Americans die in Benghazi and then blamed a videotape.

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Irony is a paradox where bias has no power.

Hilliary Clinton Got Trumped

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Hilliary Clinton’s own incriminating emails, gross negligence, secret home brewed server, disingenuous words spoken over 4 coffins

And FBI bias

Ultimately cost her the presidency

Much like Nixon’s own tapes ironically where his undoing

Hey Hiliary?

Vae victis


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Looks like Mark Felt or rather
Peter Strzok Will be singing like a canary on Thursday.

This is the dolt who was at the crux of  Hiliary’s ultimate undoing.


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