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Looks like we will be getting to prosecute Clinton after all. The exposed coverups at fbi and doh are coming loose.
McCabe, Strjok, Uhr, FISA court and Page. Oh yes the passive aggressive Comeys pontius pilot routine.

Inspectors General have been a major problem for Democrats and Hillary’s corruption.

Let’s get a grand jury set up by Springtime for her.

Springtime for Hillar


Popcorn while watching congress chew fbi and justice dept like a bone.

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Now merry Christmas..
Sit back and think about this.
The collusion between trump and Russia allegations based on Obama’s justice department was fabricated.  The Democrats who are indeed completely out of power are now trying and failed to press McCabe—- bought and sold— Democrat. To admit that trump obstructed justice. An impeachable offense....the Democrats sad minority club have only air to breathe and nothing else.
Except to say the word mueller—but his investigation—-is dead on the docks. Worthless.

The fbi and the justice department at the leadership positions are compromised and their reputations are beyond sullied and in tatters as trump says...

To restore the reputation to both a grand jury must be ordered and Hillary Clinton will need to be prosecuted for gross negligence regarding classified compartmentalized materials—-like any ordinary American citizen.

Sit back understand and come to terms with the fact that this is the only option now!

Clinton will not escape justice and justice will be served.

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We don’t like Hillary Clinton because she is corrupt.

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Anthony Weiners hubris has helped shed a judicial light on Hiliary Clinton and Bill Clinton’s shady corruption..

Let’s get grand jury to bring them to justice.

Let’s go!!!!

We took down Sheldon Silver now it’s hillarys time to go.

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We don’t like Hillary Clinton because of the bathmate website she is corrupt.

From your mouth to god's ears, brother. I think she's safe from prosecution, sadly. Clinton's know too much about too many things to go down like that.

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Fbi justice irs...

Wow looks like Democrats are done like republicans when Nixon tried to corrupt fbi...

Purge drain swamp and trump WILL be re-elected.

Clinton fuxed it up and should now face Nixon by maybe jail time

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Hiliarys above the law server to conceal her charity pay to play scam ensnared Obama.

So the corrupt justice department, state dept and fbi
All participated to make nixonian maneuvers legitimate.

This kind of corruption will ensure Americans keep vigilantly looking out for dealing and crooked politicians

Democratic Party is sunk.
Clinton torpedoed it and Obama  scuttled it.

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Democrats won’t even help each other out...
Why can’t someone give Nancy Pelosi a toothpick???

Democrats and the bloated government are now on notice!!!! And a reality check diet!!!!

No more identity politics!!!!!
Come together or you will fade out of relevance!!!

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Michael Horowitz....begin grand jury