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There are people out there who are going to both buy and take Abby Hoffmann's advice regarding
The disingenuous, lying sack of shittte which a former candidate for president is about to release for the general public and shred it to pieces without having read a word of it and it is fabulous.

Abby Hoffman wrote a famous book which tells exactly what to do with this other persons book just to send this person a message....

And the message is to go take care of your grandchildren.....leave other people's grandchildren alone and start baking cookies.....which you should probably have done about 52 years ago.

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Just for fun this should be re read and the video should be watched....

Oh yes, I do blame a YouTube video for her public humiliation


For those of you who don't believe are puerile.

The humiliation for Hillary began back in August 1992 with a locked door...

Here is the link......somebody locked the door a, 📐G🔬

For those who do believe me.....have a massive laugh at this!!!

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Video 2246

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So, as we near the end of the summer. We must be aware the the Clintons....and now we are going after bill Clinton as well as Hillary are.taking the democratic party down with them

The Clinton foundation had tentacles into foreign nations....taken money from Foreign companies....not Americans

So, lets make sure that we put our resources into taking out the Clintons....they have many people on there payroll... But Tues two.

One hiliary Clinton from Scranton Pennsylvania....and bill Clinton...from Arkansas are totally corrupt...
They have taken the democratic party out of the next two election cyclea.
..they sidelined Bernie sanders..

They pushed identity-racist politics....
And are so corrupt the fbi fave them a pass...

It ends today....hillary and Billy

Carpetbaggers are finished...


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Here is hiliarys book in a nutshell...

Mostly its about Billy Jeff Clinton.

Although President Trump seems to be having such fun at the Clintons expense...and making them constantly lose face and credibility.


Three four

 Wake up in the morning
 Clock says half past one
 I have no sunglasses
 As I step into the sun

 There's no recollection
 Of the evil things I've done
 My head feels like
 I must have had some fun

 What happened?

 Last thing I remember
 I was chillin' at a party
 Pinchin' girlie's asses
 I was drinkin' recklessly

 I know I did something
 Lord, what could it be?
 Woke up in the morning
 And all my friends hate me

 What happened?

 Oh yeah
 Play it for them wonder

 What am I doing here?
 Who is this girl in my bed?
 What is this *&^% on my face?
 My God, what is that awful smell?

 She may be an angel
 She may be a queen
 She might be Black, White, American, Indian or Japanese

 What happened?

 Threw a bottle at the bouncer
 Didn't think that he was cool
 Pissed in someones drink
 And threw a bike into a pool

 Drivin' down the side walk
 Like a drunkin' possessed fool
 I broke every single traffic rule

 Oh, what happened?
 What happened?
 Let's go

 She may be an angel
 She may be a queen
 She might be Black, White, American, Indian or Japanese

Sublime...isnt it?

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“You’re communicating on highly sensitive topics. Why wasn’t it more than a mistake? Why wasn’t it disqualifying?” Lauer, a longtime co-host of NBC's "Today Show" asked.

We know the answer.

Mrs Clinton fucxckxed up.
She will no longer hold elected office.
She will try to be added in to any political beast that arrives. But that political entity that allows her entry WILLz crumble.

So Billy Jeff? Hilliary Diane.

You both are dismissed.
You both are the Bernie madoffs of politics.....

Get used to it.

The violet elephant is taking both of you out of politics as of this moment.

Funds starting to dry up already.

Goodbye hill and bill

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Hillary, um sweetheart, you were disqualified.

And, Hillary, you were rejected. For Donald Trump.
Live with it. Reality!!!!

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Wish u had that sense of urgency while u were watching the ISR feed during our 5th firefight in B-ghazi 😑or did u not consider us Americans?  …
11:49 PM - Sep 25, 2017