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Lets make sure we know why final trump was elected and might be reelected.

1. Particularly Democrats and Republicans have promised to fix some basic and many complicated problems in the united states.
For many years it has been the same old shitt......republicans are at fault but mostly democrats.
...many democrats do not get it and probably never will. To bad. Donald trump is your boss now.
 the Russian bullshitt is and will not go anywhere....we know that is bullshitt too. Democrats think its real. It is not. More waste of time.

Obama was gridlocked because he was trying to sell more shitt.

The economy is a mess because of open trade borders and it needs restraint. Trump is the Rasputin.
Get it.

Americans are sick and tired if political "bill Maher" correctness.
Political correctness is more bullshitt.
"identity politique" is xenophobia and bigotry. And open immigration is a major problem in America. Plus, everybody in the USA is a descendent of immigrants, except for aboriginal Americans, like those who own casinos and own territory.

So, immigrants need to get in line...even doctors and nurses and start the process legally.

Security checks coming into the USA are not bans....they are security when you have to take off your shoes at the airport to travel from Chicago to NYC.
Tough shitt if you think it is a ban.
More bullshitt.

Jobs jobs jobs careers and college to careers are what we need.
Not people who speak like hiliary Clinton harry reid Nancy Pelosi Barbara retired boxer chuck shumer....the sell out from Massachusetts who was correctly told to wait til her next time to speak---and John McCain.

Term limits need to be established in federal government but since James Madison that will take some time because no one with a back bone gets through.

So until then loudmouthed gruff curt blunt people like trump are going to get elected.

Many Americans are sick and tired of social programs which have no fail safes.

Voting on economic issues are the most important issues to most Americans on the federal level........not social issues like spending money on abortions and more social programs.   we need a break from this and while social programs are wonderful they need to be tapered in a bit.

People need jobs first....infrastructure is the primary focus of most americans---even if they don't know it.

Spend money on that first and then get private businesses to add in to the work.

Germany makes wonderful beer in each hamlet, town and city....but they are not bringing in Anheuser bush and Budweiser....they are protecting their unique product.
There is nothing wrong with this.
Some is good but restraint is needed.

So social issues and spending will now take a backseat for a while till we get the reins in hand.

Americans are sick of elites who say Americans hate gay people and don't care about female rights and immigrants.  This is disingenuous stupidity.

We need to blow the system up...drain the swamp....focus on term the bums bullshitt when we smell it and get some spending on jobs, careers and helping people get to college.

Trump is that quixotic agent that fix with democrats and Republicans minds.

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2.  Lol comes later

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If Donald trump is fucxing with your mind then good😉 we are on the right track.  If he doesn't bother you at all then good....we are on the right track.

As long as trump bothers you realize that hi might get elected again.

Unless a politician comes along who pushes term limits so that lobbyists get frightened.....trump will probably get elected again.

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Laughing so hard this morning.
Some periodical wrote that the USA was about to depart from some normalcy regarding "loser" politicians. Lmfao.....

The criminal case against Hillary Clinton is still open.  It never was closed. Her Clinton foundation and pay for play and her gross negligence regarding classified information was never closed.

Congress is putting its foot down on investigating her....she is not some little old lady who is retired and stays home and bakes cookies----

She should stay home and bake cookies--- that would have been a wise move back during the 90s but she didn't....
Now the LAW is coming for her.

She was a corrupt politician......
The law went after Bernie madoff and the law went after Sheldon silver in NYC and many many other crooks.

Hilliary will have to face the music and this is not going to go away.

Pop pop pop....the popcorn isnao good especially since Hilliary is not just a loser candidate.....she is a "loser" loser candidate---
Has she admitted that her disaster is loss is all her fault yet...

with the blame on on her shoulders yet???????????????? Not jim Comey?

Oh? Now you know why the pressure on her will not let up!

A microscope beam is still tightly focused on her.

Well now you know.

And chuck shumer should realize that slowing down immigration in this country and getting a handle on it IS gping to happen....and not because people "hate" immigrants--- we are a nation of immigrants....but because there need to be checks and balances with immigration.

Ireland, for example has English as a national language...Polish is 2nd in rank, Chinese is third... The irish language is about 4th or 5th spoken read or understood by population size.....that is sad.

Just an obscure example to fuxx with your head.😉

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Hmm, very interesting how much more is to come on Hilary Clinton and her pay to play as Secretary of State.

This lady will be ducking out of public life and having her publicity folks run much interference......
They have been doing for some time; so many dupes; so many favors owed.
However either her own be flummoxed health or the law is catching up to her.

I hope someone sends this little taunt her way of the very few who read from this "obscure" little board.

Fbi will keep digging into Hilary's corruption....

She should never ever ever stood over the four corpses and told the mothers and fathers of those soldiers that we were going to get the "person who made" a you tube video.  That was the day that she sold her entire soul and her comfort and her state of mind.

Oh to be one of the flys on the wall the night she knew that her run for president was crushed by Donald trump.

Hillary was enraged, so enraged. She is a true loser in any and every sense of the word.

Hell, she couldn't even get the front doors of a building in Chautauqua, NY open back in August make a grand entrance---she looked like a fool with egg on her face then, with her cheating husband in toe, and she looked like the biggest fool and morbid loser on election night last November.

We watched you Hillary when you couldn't get those two locked doors open---guess who locked them?

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If you care to watch the video of Hilary's failure to open the doors in Chautauqua Ny back in summer of 1992.....August or perhaps can search for it---al gore and his wife were there as well.

Such folly!

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For those of you who don't believe are puerile.

The humiliation for Hillary began back in August 1992 with a locked door...

Here is the link......somebody locked the door a, 📐G🔬

For those who do believe me.....have a massive laugh at this!!!

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... i ! wonder who locked the door?

So obscure.

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The fun begins at about 60seconds into the video.....then wait for it.

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Re read above