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Thank you, Julie.

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...silenced by the power of the third party vote.

Jill not hill.

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Donald Trump is ahead if Hillary Clinton by 700,000 votes in Florida.

He is ahead by 400,000 votes in Ohio.

He is ahead by 200,000 votes in Michigan.

He is ahead by 300,000 votes in Indiana

Trump is ahead of the other candidate by 50,000 votes in north Carolina.

Trump is behind by 100,000 votes in Pennsylvania.

All trump needs to do is embarrass Mrs. Clinton on September 26th with a strong debate and it will be over for matter hw hard the wash post, ny times, NBC, CNN, and wall st journal try they cant fight

.....enthusiasm with phony unimportant flouted poll numbers and a plethora of periodicals devoted to racism..

I'm a progressive and i don't even buy into it...

Th multitude of voters this year d ok nt give a shite about racism....its jobs jobs jobs and the clinton/obama economy----  $tupid. hilliaristas....

Put the big girl pants on, pat yourself on the back and give yourself a round of applause for getting Donald trump elected office for the next 4 years...

...hey, we could have a real changemaker/ feminist like Jill Stein... koolaide democrats threw away Bernie sanders... We are throwing you and your party away..

Dont believe me..just watch!

« Reply #583 on: August 29, 2016, 10:10:03 PM » that's a tie you say between trump and Clinton?  Not so fast. I left one swing state out of the equation which gives the election to him...

I bet no one can guess which it is.


Just cynical, I guess


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From emails Mrs Hillary deleted the state department has found information responsive to Benghazi.....

So, ultimately Benghazi and hilarys Iraq war vote will be her undoing

Nixon had Watergate and Clinton has Benghazi...

These two tragic figures will go down as being the most corrupt..

Fun to watch her career end with a fizzle.

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Just read FBI information on Mrs hillarys interrogation...

She must have mental health problems and probably shouldn't be running for any public servant jobs.

She claimed not to know what she was doing with regard to classified info.

She could not recall simple details about important war activities nor comprehend the consequences of her actions.

No way at this point is she more qualified than Donald trump.

Face facts- Hillary is not up to being a civil servant on even a local level.

Jill not Hill!!!

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To those hundreds of folks who check into this thread and have been following this political journey you know I've been right on with most of it.  The trolls dont comment anymore. ..since they were wrong about the fbi criminal investigation.....most have been silenced into submission.

Hillary Clinton is very sick for sure.
Mental illness along with corruption is going to take her out of the election.

She has been sick all week and cannot even stand to take reporters questions..

She refuses to do a real press conference...she cant answer their questions and has no energy to do it.

She is burnt out.

Reporters have been questioning kaine about her that he has to answer the question for her.

It's bad folks....but so much pop corn enjoyed as we watch her fall

Pop pop pop!! Drop drip drop...

Bye bye sick 

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So, now you see he right I am.

Clinton was sick all week....then shows up with some airplane bullshite press...

Shows how sick she is....

Can't even speak....

Coughing...coughing...coughin ng.

Trump is right----she is not uo to the task required of her....but then again-- her lying ass never was up to it

She's been sick all week and will continue to fail.

Pop pop pop

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Thank you, Julie.

Here is the hiliaristas candidate......

 Hillary Clinton--The Crooked Cougher with the Crooked Coffers,