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You folks really are not good with evidence and facts.

Julie love Hillary.
CinSyn think Hillary career never happen.  Hiliary political toast.
Can't wait for debate.
Trump, Stein smell hiliary's dirty underpants.
No one said you were sane or lacked your love of sockpuppets
didn't you also used to pretend to be a "sonofapickle" and some weird blue starwars avatar with full voice box sounds in the posts?

seek help freak.

No one say you crazy make you stop window licking.

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Julie have no friends.

Julie 45 year old man living in parents basement. Maybe parolee.

Julie pathetic loser for ever.

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Wow! Hillary Clinton will need all of Marco rubios votes if she wants to beat trump in Florida.

The numbers are just not there for her compared to the Republican side.

Her main problem is that she has NO enthusiasm whatsoever and people will sit thus one out.

The ny times, wash post, CNN and NBC are doing a wonderful job of trying to demonize trump--but it is not convincing.  His supporters are not looking for a politician--
Just like us Stein/Sanders supporters were not looking for an establishment democrat--we want radical change to our country and the two party system

We do not like warmongers and Clinton is number 1 warmonger.

Also, if you look at the elections from 2008, 2012 the party votes were mostly Democrat then Republicans and dems were close in 2012 but dems had the enthusiasm with Obama..... .but this time, 2016 the Republican voters or should I say republican/ independent and democratic voters are out numbering establishment democrats by about 500,000 votes.

I dont think the corporate media can drum up enough voters for her.

In fact, even a lefty like myself knows that trump was suggesting that 2nd amendment activists need to take the cause to the polls..

Trying to paint trump as something he is not does not work.

We know that despite his bigoted comments he is trying to brownnose Putin and thought going into Iraq and Libya was a dangerous and stupid way the new York times can spin this.

Clinton hasn't seen an opportunity for regime change and dictator removal she doesn't like....except if it involves her Saudi Arabian regime underwriters.


The more corporate party corruption I see the more easy I am with a trump presidency.  Plus half the bigoted shite he is perpetrating will never get past congress.....after the DNC fixed the election for Clinton and sabotaged Bernie---I, along with others dont give a shite about party unity!!!!!

That is a solid point!
I'm seriously cynical and don't care if trump wins. 
I'd rather win the marathon than the 4year dash.

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Julie have no friends.

Julie 45 year old man living in parents basement. Maybe parolee.

Julie pathetic loser for ever.

Maintain, stop being a puerile chump, girl.

Use facts and logic.  I am not Julie fern....just very smart....

Think about it, I DO NOT like hillllry Clinton in the slightest.  And Julie fern loved hrc so much he called her hrc....also he still has a quote about her in his tiny toeprint ..

Get off your phat democratic sludgewallowing well azz and do some research.

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Trump leads Clinton anon independents 54 to 34. In swing states.

Trump is ahead in Florida and Ohio and when 3rd party candidates are factored in he leads by more.

This is despite the national corporate media spin polling which claims Clinton is ahead by 10 points....big deal---swing states count not ny or ca or tx.

Trump cleverly targets all 2nd amendment voters who see a Hillary Clinton appointee to the supreme court as a danger to their gun rights---if you live in Alaska or Montana or mountain regions you need guns to survive--NYC gun advocates are scarce because for one thing there are no bear and you just call the cops.  No need to bear arms in Philly or Detroit...

So, by making the election partially about who trump will push for the supreme court he speaks directly to the entire right wing of the Republican party and enthuses them to exercise the voting rights....they WILL vote early and often to protect that second amendment.

Clintons gatherings have small crowd gatherings unlike Bernie sanders and Donald trump.

There is the Obama economy and Clinton has no enthusiasm...

She is toast

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One associate recently compared Hillary Clinton to D ick Cheney---because they are warmongers and he compared Donald Trump to George Bush Jr. Because they are both goofy and daft and it is a worthy comparison.

But I see these two the way I perceive many voters who will go for flash, cult of personality, and slickness over substance, mundane reality and policy.

On these two lines of psychological perception we have JFK vs. RMN.

...JFK will win everytime...

..guess who is whom with regard to this election.

...the fickle polls are manipulated right now...but the amount of people who came out to vote in swing states for the Republican and Democratic primaries dont lie.

Enthusiasm in this election and gut perception of "a winner" is only on one side this year.

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Here's one for noseholding corporate democratic koolaide drinkers like maintain to answer.

But she wont.

Would you vote for someone who supported the war in Iraq or one that would dare?

Maintain will hold her nose and expose herself to hypocrisy... Typical dolt corporate democrats are alike.

If Hillary Clinton was supposed to run away with this election starting with the democratic primary--- when the fix was in and the FBI let her off the hook on her criminal activities---

How come she didnt--Bernie kicked her ass.

And truthfully, people like koolaid drinking hilleristas cant explain why trump is tied with her in some polls...losing to him when 3rd party candidates are counted...

Shouldn't Hillary be running away with this election????

But she is not.

And she WILL lose to Trump----the democratic party can't fix the enthusiasm gap with their folks who vote multiple times.

Not this time anyway...

Trump has Florida wrapped up with 700,000 more voters than in 2012.

Face it the cult of personality will drive people to the polls for trump in Ohio Michigan indiananand Florida...trump will come close in pa.   

Why? Jobs, poor obama/clinton economy, and cult of personality..

Oh yeah, Hillary Clinton herself is a factor for her lack of numbers....and has destroyed her own career beyond repair---emails, classified information crimes, and pay to play politics...

So, hilarista nose holding koolaid drinking people like maintain..
Keep thinking you are right...thats what Donal and Jill want.


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Julie still low information voter.

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Julie still low information voter.

Yes, I agree with you on that one thing....

Julie fern like most crooked hilliary shills are low information voters.

At least we know now---that you are self aware that you have no clue what you are doing.

Finally we agree. 

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Donald trump speaks the truth and lays out the facts regarding some urban and city dwelling African Americans and the European American corporate media ignorantly tries to downplay or discredit their issues---

Clintons have  always trying to keep the black man down and take their vote for granted.
Bills penal laws crushed African American males opportunities... And hilliary gins up fake "black accent" and thinks their children are superpreditors....

With friends like this no wonder nothing has changed.

Trump is 100% correct.

Racism was invented by the democratic party and continues today..