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Hell NO! DNC, we WON'T vote for Hillary!!!!

Philly is hot but give up we will not!

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Hell, NO!!! DNC, we won't vote for Hi liar y!!!

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After scathing FBI condemnation of Clinton for lying and her gross negligence, overall incompetence, and Hawkish wsrmongering.....

The shite-in-her-adult diaper candidate is finished as far as many sanders supporters go....

Hilliary for PRISON!!!!!

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Eg..lololol....not found in any a group of 39 independents whom I know one third will be writing in bernies name....

There was so much goodness here I don't know where to start. But this was my favorite part.

You don't have a single friend, let alone 39. And I don't need a periodical to tell me that.

Hey dimwit who doesn't look before he leaps....

Remember until you about democratic fracture....

Here it is come to fruition you stupid moron.

• Democrats struggle to unify.

Fractures in the party were exposed on Monday as supporters of Bernie Sanders booed when he urged them to vote for Hillary Clinton. They also booed Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a meeting of the delegation of her home-state, Florida, and even the pastor who delivered the convention’s invocation

A periodical...


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More fraction in Republican Party than Democrats. Bernie and ALL those who were prior runners in the primary back Hillary openly asking their supporters to vote for her.

Trumps former primary opponents refuse to endorse him and say that they fear W will be the last Republican President ever due to all of this.

Hillary could kill kittens on live TV and still win.

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Yo, banana boy....You not too good at yo?

When dain bramage happen for you?

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The rise of Jill Stein!

Time to get paid.  8)

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The rise of Jill Stein!

Time to get paid.  8)
The active socialists/third party who only associated with the democrats due to Bernie are going home to their

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Wow!  DNC heckled down the crooked pipes with a corrupt lying warmongering candidate..

This is the democratic fracture I have been writing about.

Clinton was terrible and booed to submission...

With the revelation of a fixed election for Hillary...she has lost the race she was supposed to win easily...

With Jill Stein and write in votes and abstaining our angry 3rd party begins...

The DNC is to blame for trumps election and hopefully they will learn a lesson.

Feel the Bern.

It is obvious that Bernie was railroaded and images of him during Clintons croaking talk exposed his seething anger.

Corporate democrats suck it up..
And go fuch yourselves...

You, Hillary supporters and you alone are responsible for president trump.

Pop pop pop!!!