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Happy new year!

Wow, New Hampshire the Conway Daily Sun has begun the year by questioning our suspect in the fbi investigations about her public response to the the benghazi victims families.  And of course, her lying and blaming youtube for her failures as a leader to the dead Americans families.

As an independent and former democrat I see this to be the second part of the FBI investigation---ethics challenges and leadership responsibilities.  This drip drip will include the film, "13 hours" to continue to toast mrs. Clintons bread.

At this point even a bigoted-democrat like donald trump can beat her in the general election.

Drip drip drip and just got a new blue popcorn to enjoy.

This is getting good.
stop posting drunk

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Irrelevant.  All politicians lie and the really bad ones get exposed and never are elected again.  It has been intriguing watching the demise of the former First Lady, a clinical congenial liar.

We don't need to wait for the FBI, she has begun the year as THE go-to congenial liar.

This label is stuck to her; just like nixon.

13 hours!

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Headlines, "Hillary Clinton SILENCES another RAPE survivor"

Doesn't Hillary know this is 2016???
She slimed many a sexual assault and rape victim.  That's the Clinton way.

Wow!!! Almost forgot hillarys public War on many, many women.

The doomed Hillary Clinton campaign/show has just opened the year with a giant poop in her pantsuit l!!!!

Man! This shite smells bad and wont be going away anytime soon..

Just ask bill Cosby.

You can view hillarys handiwork in her upcoming film, "13 hours"

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Getting popcorn ready for some new year political drama.

Gonna watch biography of Nixon on history channel.

What a sense of foreboding, trinite.

Marco Rubio is the token winner by your estimation right? Lol.

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Trinite, I think the name trinite awesome and I hope it sticks for you. Aside from that.

I think your tokenism has a place here if this is something you might find follows the mold whicjph I don't entirely grasp--pardon my ignorance.

But would "old angry no filter uncle"  be the token candidate this time around. " but Because chris christie (god help us) god help us all could be that candidate and he is one good joke away from rebutting trump--the "other old angry no filter uncle with a xenophobic brain."

While we observe hillarys poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire and the clown donald trump running the republican media outlet ragged. There is this.

If donald trump rips into chris christie on his fbi scandal about a bridge or his weight or his Obama hug I could see chris christie waltzing up the polls by making throwing self deprecating jokes as retorts and/or have New Jersey comebacks ready to go.  That is what is missing in both parties.  Levity. Coupled but not mutually bonded to a serious minded person who is not in the middle of an FBI investigation. 

This is clown car time  going on fuel tilt on the pinball in our republican primaries.

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Biden just gave his support to sanders.  Pop pop pop

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So, another FBI investigation this time into the Clinton foundation. Hillary might be more simple and stupid than we think.

Wooooaaa I bet those of you were betting Hillary is the odds on favorite to win the Dem nod feel duped. Don'tcha?

So sanders could be the man, eh?

Where are the doubters now?

Cue crickets, tumbleweeds and lame excuses and caveats.


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Just so, lol, you know---

So, getting back to the original ponderings. 

Will the democrats push Biden into the race and/or will there be a brokered convention?  Uncle al?? Anyone?

Once the press lets us know that Hillary has been given the bad news about a potentially orange pantsuit becoming  the new black for her.

I hope they just let Bernie be the nominee as he deserves to be!

Oddsmakers finally getting wise to the FBI.

Rubio v. Sanders looks better than a Hillary Clinton "top secret apology"

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Will the democrats push Biden into the race and/or will there be a brokered convention?  Uncle al?? Anyone?

No, at this point Clinton is almost guaranteed the nomination. Sanders can win Iowa and New Hampshire, but that appears to be it. Clinton has a very commanding lead in just about every other primary. She will easily get enough delegates.

There is no push for Biden, certainly not for Gore. A brokered convention? Why? If Clinton has enough delegates, and the DNC wants her anyway, why would there be a brokered convention?

As far as orange jumpsuits, I'll believe it when I see it. We've heard this about Clinton a hundred times before. Some looming scandal is going to take her down. Never happens. Remember how the Benghazi hearings were supposed to be some kind of bombshell? Nobody cared. The House Republicans care about this stuff way more than the general public does.

The question isn't whether Sanders can get the nomination, the question is whether Clinton can win nationally.

Clinton v Trump/Cruz, I think she strolls to the White House no problem. Clinton v Rubio, however, and I think she gets nervous.

This is the irony about this race. Despite the huge electoral vote advantage she has going into the race Clinton is a vulnerable candidate, especially in swing states. The Republicans may very well hand her the keys to the WH simply because they can't seem to nominate a reasonable candidate. Amazing what has happened to that party.