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Still not sure what you mean, 8?  Token plus Uncle Tom?

Is hillary an Uncle Tom?  Is she token plus Uncle Tom?
As far as women go, kind of yeah.
She gets the votes from guys who would vote for her just due to bill.

No one wants a deep end nut job. People like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton fall into that category for many voters. Same idea with if she was some militant lesbian who had artificial insemination JUST to get an abortion type.

"Uncle Tom" might not be cross applicable or the best term........palatable is a better term to use I suppose.

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Okay, let's make this interesting. Apparently, the Trump campaign may last for a while. While I stick to my original belief (it will be Bush, with Walker, or perhaps Rubio, with an outside shot), let's make this interesting. How will Trump end up-

a. He will bow out before seriously contesting any primary.
b. He will contest a few early primaries, do poorly, then drop out.
c. He will contest some early primaries with mixed results, then drop out.
d. He will go to the end, lose to the eventual nominee, and speak at the convention.
e. Brokered convention! (No. There is never a brokered convention. Seriously. Look at the rule changes. They love to talk about it because it's exciting. It won't happen.)
He will go all the way just to keep seeing his face on tv and hearing his own voice (the dude has mental issues that any other high school grad who never applied to a job that his own father didn't own would die naked in the street as soon as their dad died)

I honestly expect him to lose the primary and then run (half assed) as third party just to push his way into debates the way Ross Perot did.

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Ok, 8 I think I get it now.

Isn't Donald Trump a democrat? 

His campaign is more of a stunt by a media craving publicity hound.  He will be around for a while contrasting his train wreck campaign with hillary clintons daily train wreck. 
The other less known swill look a bit more serious, trustworthy, and soberly competent.

Think of how much more Donald will make after a run at the presidency.

Meanwhile I think that taking bets about trump is interesting but the real money should be on hillary clintons fate and outcome? 

She might face some real legal trouble and handling classified info is not taken lightly.

She has so much money she could still run and fight the charges.  But if she loses security clearance she'll be like Nixon considering using the army to keep the presidency. Lol


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"I honestly expect him to lose the primary and then run (half assed) as third party just to push his way into debates the way Ross Perot did."

Interesting point. I should have added that as a betting option. That would be a disaster for the GOP, because even if he peels away a small amount of the vote... I imagine there would be a lot of pressure on him not to run as a third party candidate, but he does have a Trump-sized ego.

"but the real money should be on hillary clintons fate and outcome?"

Betting markets currently have her at between 1:4 to 1:7; in contrast to Sanders who is at approximately 10:1. You might want to think about that. If it helps, Clinton currently is in better condition (in terms of endorsements, money raised relative to the field, and other markers) than any non-incumbent Democratic nominee, ever. I'm not a Clinton fan, but saying she is in worse shape than the clown car that is the GOP field is, well, interesting.

"Think of how much more Donald will make after a run at the presidency."

While running is lucrative for the crazies, like Santorum, because it helps their brand (speaking fees, media appearances in the off years), it will certainly cost Trump money both directly during the campaign and afterwards. Businesses aren't big with controversy, and while there will be groups of people that may like him more, his business brand will suffer, as it already is. This is a vanity project- not a rational economic decision. The amount he loses in business opportunities > than the amount he will gain in book sales, speaking fees, etc.

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I honestly doubt its about making money to trump, he just likes being the center of attention
He clearly has a litany of mental illnesses ranging from narcissism to down right good old fashioned learning disabilities (he barely even finished high school-look it up, heck listen to his voice and watch his face when he talks)

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Lol jeez man I guess  hyperbole is too abstract for some people. 
I'm not "betting" literally but I think the more interesting dynamic in the primary race is not democrat/republican/hillary clinton supporter Donald trump---he's a funny bit player---it's the FBI investigation into hillary clinton regarding keeping and destroying classified info. 

Here is why, we have not had such a super high profile politician fall from grace in a drip drip fashion since the FBI began its preliminary investigation of Richard Nixon and he denied any wrong doing up until he had to quit the presidency.   

With hillary clinton, regardless of the actual past and present odds on she becomes president that is all going down the toilet in a drip drip fashion...

If you remember the history of nixons ultimate downfall he was great until he got caught--just like poor hillary.

So, trying to convince people that the trump story is more compelling then hillary clintons inevitable "ness" turning into "not likely at all" is short shrift.

Let me give you an example: I cannot wait until Monday to hear new stuff about hillarys secret server and what the FBI will discover; after that inane supposed debate with trump looking like an ass I could care less about him.  He was mildly predictable and somewhat boring and a buzzkill compared to the hype around his off the cuff remarks. 

Sorry I'm a cynic and Clinton's nixonian parallel and fall from grace is VERY compelling.

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Even a more quirky somewhat ironic twist in the clown car debate was Marco Rubio's sober self confidence and charisma.  The younger politician in the room seemed to be the adult above the fray.

He even attacked hillary clinton on her duplicity and policy--not a character assasination.

He was the only good thing I saw out of the so called debate which ironically again had quite a national audience.

I haven't made up my mind who I'm picking yet but so far Bernie sanders has honesty a real genuineness and a straightforward record to back it up.   Some of the republicans have to do a little more till I find a favorite in their group. 

As an independent we like a good spoiler to an all out one party congress; but we are fickle and two branches of government with one party controlling both can be a release point for beurocratic gridlock---at least for one term of a presidency.

Sorry trump and clinton don't cut the mustard.  If you don't believe me check out the numbersAnd I think most polling of independents don't have us favoring clinton or trump.

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The investigation into Hillary means jack. Almost all politicians have that stuff happen to them on some level (most often RAPE, full on RAPE) but they do just fine if they have the momentum behind them anyways (the rapists like it from behind I guess) She'll be fine. 100% chance of that.

Even the ones who are "punished" are a joke. Look at her husband, or Olly North. All joke punishments. All still had careers after that too.


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"The investigation into Hillary means jack."

Yep. On that we're in complete agreement. Not sure what cinnamon is smokin', but I hope it's legal in her/his jurisdiction.

Or look up Whitewater. Or Vince Foster. Or Hillarycare. Or Benghazi. Or ... well, google it.

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Half of that list you just gave is stuff she did.............or that doesn't matter.
Hillarycare wasn't anything that anyone could possibly get in trouble for