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Do you actually think that a severely weakened Hillary with no other viable candidates could lead to the first brokered convention since Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and that the nominee would be Gore? I'm not sure how to evaluate that, but I doubt it would be Gore if the convention were brokered.

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Hillary will win the nomination
pre primary math is just for the lulz

I honestly hope Trump wins the Republicans, that would make for good SNL jokes if nothing else.

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Lol. We are not going to get to a convention nomination situation.  Clinton has been in the public eye for decades and with negative polls and serious character questions plus potential criminal allegations she will never be able to re convince people that she could be the leader of the free world---deleter of the free world maybe.   

So I say, better call gore.  He could be the new inspiration for clinton disenchantment but get him up and running by Christmas.

Good luck to the clinton diehards, though. 

Denial is tough to endure.

FYI. Trump won't make it either.

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The battle between associated press lawsuits for foia and the state department/clinton/Obama camp is fascinating to watch.  I'm not a fan of the 4th estate so I am secretly pulling for the state dept/Obama administration/clinton machine to beat the press and not give up anything and win their war against the press forcing transparency. 

I think the press is one of the most powerful systems in our country and nobody wins over them.  Even when the press get it wrong the mea culpa is usually a tiny retraction.   

But if anyone can beat the press it is the clinton machine...I wish them luck.

The problem now is that the inspectors general have joined the fight for clintons server and soon the dept of justice(obamas proxy) are going to be involved further escalating the war for information.  So this is a non partisan battle.

I hope hillary keeps her server till the end but turning it over my be the only thing that will save her political career...

Battle on!! Don't let the fourth estate win!!!

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I don't support Hillary in any way but she will get the nomination. 100%. ZERO chance she won't.
It doesn't matter if she admitted to being Bill Cosbies date rape drug dealer. It honestly wouldn't.
Just a fact.

Cinnamon you love the long wait to repost. Do so post primary. Lets regroup on this then.

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 No need to wait til the primaries to discuss this further because with the clinton/trump drama there are interesting and fun things every week if not every couple of days.

I understand your token/sheep theory but Obama, while being the "token" in the last two presidential election IS a kickass speech giver---charismatic and engaging.  His speeches and a good swing state map plan got him elected.  If tokens/sheep were the answer Jesse Jackson should have been elected years ago when he ran, right?

Let me ask you this... If the republicans nominate Fiorina and Biden becomes the nominee because clinton was forced out and or Sanders is the nominee do you think that the token female would be automatically elected?

What if Marco Rubio is the nominee against Biden?  Will his "token" Spanish presence be the deciding factor over Biden or Sanders?  How would your token theory work with those setups, 8?

Ps if clinton is under investigation for destroying top secret, classified info she will have to legally deal with it and she will be disgraced like petraeus and Nixon....she doesn't need to deal drugs to Cosby....that was funny, man.

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You have to factor in the full formula

VIABLE token + Uncle Tom = Canidate

That was the problem that McCain didn't see in Palin. He didn't do the math.


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« Reply #67 on: August 04, 2015, 08:55:31 AM »
Okay, let's make this interesting. Apparently, the Trump campaign may last for a while. While I stick to my original belief (it will be Bush, with Walker, or perhaps Rubio, with an outside shot), let's make this interesting. How will Trump end up-

a. He will bow out before seriously contesting any primary.
b. He will contest a few early primaries, do poorly, then drop out.
c. He will contest some early primaries with mixed results, then drop out.
d. He will go to the end, lose to the eventual nominee, and speak at the convention.
e. Brokered convention! (No. There is never a brokered convention. Seriously. Look at the rule changes. They love to talk about it because it's exciting. It won't happen.)

« Reply #68 on: August 04, 2015, 09:23:55 AM »
F. Media  loves him and will keep reporting that he is ahead my wide margins in the polls they make up  and then people will vote for the name recognition then 2020 a Kardashian will win and the world will end.

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Still not sure what you mean, 8?  Token plus Uncle Tom?

Is hillary an Uncle Tom?  Is she token plus Uncle Tom?