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The relevance of the Clinton foundation is evident in its demise of investors.

Corruption on multiple levels by direct action of Mrs. Clinton have been her undoing. 
Nixon can blame his audio recordings
Clinton can blame her digital recordings

In either case they have the sources of criminal activity in the form of neglect.

Nixon had Watergate
Clinton had Benghazi

Nixon’s sins were paranoia and vanity
Clinton’s sins were vanity and indifference

Px o rsta

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Nancy Pelosi's feathers are clipped— Trump cancels her vacation to Belgium

...Rasputin laughs and laughs.

Why did democrats shut down government? They once wanted immigration reform and now they are forced to do something about it?

Do it

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Wow! Trump is first president in generations to take on the 4th estate and make them admit their own bias and make them look like high school newspapers( that’s not really fair to high school newspapers, though) or better yet—tabloid rags.

CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post have all been discredited. 

The Jussie Smollet story run by these truth challenged newspapers has shown the credibility cloak has been absent for a long time from them...especially the Washington Post.

Cancelled that subscription when The nomination was stolen from Bernie.

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So the party of bigoted identity politics can not get together to condemn anti semetic remarks made by an idiot rep from Michigan.

Looks like the 2020 presidential election is gift wrapped for Trump.

I will not be voting for Bernie Sanders again because he did not stand up to the democratic parties corruption in rigging it for Hilliary.

So get ready for 4 more years of Trump

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Donald Chump

Good one! I hope he is a good man! ;)
Hope that in future less people will face such problem as violation of human rights and for now, hopefully, there are always lawers like who are always ready to defend those rights.

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So, we sit in the dusty drawer of a once “advertisement free”
Law School Discussion Board.

Once upon a time peddlers his their identity’s upon posting and ambient ambulance chasing case hacks stayed away from discussion about the Kurds during a time when the 4th estate was Bush bashing him for taking out Saddam Hussein.

The Kurds presently control their own destiny and autonomous “city-state” and the oil with which their country has foundation— perhaps 4th largest reserve on solid ground on the planet.

They love Bush in Kurdistan.

Trump is in power and will remain their as the Rasputin of his time in America tweeting away and exposing the rash on the fanny of the national Corporate Biased News Entertainment media who hate loathe and despise him (all words mean the same thing)
NY Times- LA Times- Washed Up Post CNN NBC all look so weak now.
Finally after kissing Obama’s Jimmy Carter ass with 8 years of fawning over him these papers are powerless to even dent trumps rumpled red haired web. One tweet and they look like children.

The republicans,  Everett Dirksen and Thomas Kuchell
ushered in the Civil Rights Bill not the bigoted democrats.

And these 4 years with an aggressive deregulation campaign and income tax reform benefits have put the republicans back in the captains chair.  Now I am not a Republican by any stretch of the corporate republican imagination but they are doing more for everyday Americans than the bigoted identity politics focused Democrats.  Again it is the Democratic Party showing its “entitlement problem” and racist underbelly.

The Democratic Party is slipping into “one size fits all” while simultaneously bowing down to special privileged groups...

When will the democrats realize that they are getting beat every time by the republicans.
Leave people alone and let the individual have some common sense freedom...
Cultural and marked  identity politics is bigoted...period and that alone will get Trump re-elected.

And income tax reform will put republicans back in the house captains chair again as well.

I predicted trump would beat Hillary Clinton and he will win again—-whether I like it or not and the pubs will win the senate and house again too.

Suck it up shills and lsd test prep advertisers

Px out Rasta

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Looks like Democrats will lose to Trump after sailing economy, zips along, stupid. Tax credits for families increase.

All Democrats have done is waste money on moronic investigations where no one has been injured or any crimes have been committed.

As an independent voter I think I see another wave of republicans entering the House

And the “inquiry” not a formal impeachment is going to seal the deal for Trump’s re-election particularly if Biden is their choice. Biden tried to cover up for his sons business and had bragged about it..

Nobody cares about more Russian interference—especially when Northampton county Pennsylvania voted Trump into office to “stir things up” and keep politicians off balance—Democrats and Republicans alike.

Northampton County PA voted Trump into office to do exactly what he is doing exposing the Press as the bullshite it is—NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times and NBC.
And voted him into office to shake up politics as usual.

Impeachment is a joke that is on the Democrats. They will keep it up til Election Day, get nothing done and drag their HOuse down as well.