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« Reply #680 on: December 15, 2016, 04:48:01 AM » loki, the troll can follow along.

Such an amazing morning--with Hillary Rodham vanquished from holding any political power....ah, lets all sigh a collective sound of relief....feels great doesn't it?

It is amazing how Mike Morell the former attempted Benghazi cover up CIA assistantdirector continues  to speak out in the press... Will somebody put a muzzle on this Pennsylvania, this supposed politically neutral hack had so many commercials on the radio it literally drove people to vote for Trump.

Anyone who thought it was disgusting, mean, base, tasteless and classless for Hillary Rodaham Clinton to stand over slain Benghazi victims coffins--- blame a video for their deaths and say to the mothers and fathers of the deceased that we are going to get the ones who made the video....knows and was constantly reminded that Mike Morel was an accomplice to this debacle....
Reminded every day. On many radio stations we heard his voice and it saddened and angered many of us.

I was going to vote for Jill Stein..but switched to trump.

It hammered home just how terrible Clinton was and drove us to the poles for Trump.

Benghazi lies and cover up is ultimately the undoing of the democratic party--- lets face it- they are fuched.....more than fractured now than even I thought.

Part of the reason as well is enthusiasm...she had none. Trump had great enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm will win elections!  Like I wrote many pages back.

Ultimately...and Clinton supporters like MAINTAINS gave her impeding loss away....when a person is mousy and disgusted and has to "hold" their "nose" to vote----you have a problem.

So, I'm enjoying some popcorn today...the pop pop pop is now munch munch munch...

But the expensive Hillary Clinton "noise machine" is taking a while to worry, it will.

The FBI will continue to investigate the Clinton Foundation....but those foreign donations are tellingly drying up....

So, rest easy today....its hilarys sound and fury....signifying nothing.


Px out

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I wrote a few months back how the Republican party had healthy dissent within its ranks...but the democratic corporate party was fracturing apart and some , now discredited posters failed to see this and even puerily tried to argue against my assessment.  They were proven wrong....thenelection of trump sealed the deal.

Most problematic is the democrats....since after jimmy carter have tried to paint themselves as a party of discriminating specifics and identity---wrong.  Because in mere attempts to say that one "type" of person is who we are and what we represent they look "entitled" and others who are not their "type" have been a nut shell that is the problem.

Today democrats say, and its a general matter who the candidate is running, if they are a Republican...they are sexist, racist, religionist, many people just by mentioning this it makes them think that the person or group making the claim is actually the one who is racist, sexist, religionist.

The democratic party, who had no diversity in its selection of presidential candidates appears to be the true party of slavery, bigotry, racism, sexism,..and historically it has been this way.

Today, nothing has changed..the Republican party has been more inclusive and accepting of people from different backgrounds...quietly building power and the democratic party seems to only want certain groups in its ranks...

The biggest example is that this year the democratic party didn't even want the vote from Mixed European Americans. And they tried to get African Americans to come out and vote...but they offered nothing to them....maybe more of the same...

The Clinton campaign was racist in its decision to not reach out to  mixed European Americans and it had been exposed and backfired..

Racism has fractured the democratic party and continuing to suggest that "some" people are "entitled" to things over the rest of the electorate will continue to be the donkeys undoing.

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The democratic party is the party saying, "who farted?"

Much of the rest of us think "why are you talking about this?"

The truth underlying this is the known, "He who smelled it and yelled it dealt it"

The Democrat have to stop focusing on and drawing attention to the own gastrointestinal problems...

In other words...abandon the shite talk....because it only makes you look like white.

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Trump, nailed it....the Clintons for all their smarts could not figure out to be inclusive with regard to the rust belt, and the mixed European Americans who live there...they voted for bill...they voted for barak...

But this time around they caved to the Clinton calling card....pandering.

And in pandering they excluded mixed European from their agenda...

They used the word "fire wall" and that assumes too much....

Identity politics pointing to "the Hispanic vote" or the "black vote" is bigoted in its conception...

...if part of the rust belt culture felt left out because they see pandering to another group where a sense of entitlement is present and you start your fire wall to crumbling.. bill Clinton looks small and petty in his assessment.

Hillary lost the race all on her own because she is a liar.

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Racism? Huh? Sexism? nah? Ageism? What?

Nope, pissed off bluecollar workers allllll
Over the country....they voted for barak many of them....but haha..not again, ms. Clintain.

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Maybe Hillary fans in California will remember that the other 49 states count as well...even Montana.

Live free without Clinton family interference, corruption and deception.

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Lets see how long the Clinton foundation goes before Law enforcement criminal investigations get multiple mainstream press periodicals to comment more.

This would have coincided with impeachment proceedings.

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Merril Streep used to have a good ear for acting, alas she is a phony who sold out long ago---her cardboard characters she has portrayed for the past 30 years reflect an actor who doesn't care about depth....just a lazily earned paycheck...

Yes, she has been phoning in performances for so long now I gave up on seeing any of her movies going back to 1990...

The speech where she does not inspire but uses her position in apolitical way--and negative.

I believe she is a sore loser now..

I relish when acting awards and nominations are given to actors other than her.

Merril is in a basket full of deplorables for the acting world.

Streep was born into money and entertainment connections....thats it...her father knew Joseph papp.

Follow the money.

Aside what trump did....streep should get over her over the top outrage and try, "acting"...

Maybe a refresher course in acting 101 down at the actors studio can fix her cardboard character problem....and get some depth back into her acting.

Mike Nichols helped turn it around for all pacino..

Maybe merril will retain some of her faded talent.

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Peter Kadzik.....andrew McCabe....terry McAuliffe....

Obama appointed Inspector Generals have really been helpful to force the corrupt Clinton Family to their knees.

Cant wait to see Hillary at trumps inauguration....i bet she coughs a lot.....especially she shown on camera...

We will be counting how many times they put her on the screen.

Pop pop pop goes the Democrat party.....
Amazingly enough for all the posters on this boards stupid speculation about the Gop demise...

The GOP run the country now.

Better get something done or....

Vote the bums out!!!!

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Wow! Just Wow!
Patrick Kennedy at the state department just got his ass FIRED!

Good. That's karma Kramer.....he fuched up with missa Clinton in Benghazi then he tried to cover for her crimes.....kar mm a got him!!!

Good riddance....

Looks lil trump means business.

Oh, and it is amazing to reread what I wrote months ago about the fracturing and now SHATTERED democratic party.

Maintain and Loki who have been discredited will not show their faces in this thread again.  Vanquished they are.

I'll repost what I wrote months ago to show how the cookie began to crumble.