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Listen Julie, I understand that you're ignorant and uneducated but it is pretty amazing to think that you went from a Democratic Socialist to an authoritarian mega-capitalist without even realizing the irony.

I'm not Julie, he loved Hillary.
If you read what I actually wrote you would know i am an independent libertarian who hopes one day for term limits..

I supported Bernie and Jill....when I found out how bad Clinton regime was I switched to trump-- who is neither a Democrat, nor a Republican.

I wrote how strange but not ironic it was.

Just because Bernie is a Dem socialist doesn't mean all his supporters are.

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My hypothesis was that Clinton wasn't going to be president ultimately was correct and if you re read what i wrote...

Your "hypothesis" changed so many times.... Given your track record, I won't waste any more time engaged explaining things to you. This post is for the two or three other people that still look into this thread.

Loki, this is why you are a proven discredited poster here.

On Tuesday Nov 15 there were 76954 "looks" or checks into this thread on Thursday Nov 17 look at how many there are????????

You moron, there are not one or two people who look at this thread----you are sloppy with your facts--a bit of a pretentious poser---

Cant you even do simple addition????????

There have been about 900 views of this thread.  So unless you know that the 897 are you and then me and one or two other people who check the thread you are really off with your hypothetical model...

Lmfao--laughing my fuching ass off!!!!!

My hypothesis was correct--Clinton was going to beat NOBODY to win the presidency....and she lost to the easiest one to beat....
Sums up the la times Washington post foolhardy narrative.

You stupid troll--go away and sulk.

You were wrong.

Especially about the criminal FBI investigation....which still goes on.....clinton regime has fallen.

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Loki, more than 900 people check into this thread every 3 days or so.....

Not two or three. 

Get it?

Probably not

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Hey loki....

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Ding dong the witch is dead....lmao!

Not exactly, but Hillary will be disappearing into history the way Nixon job and no prospects...

At least Hillary can bake cookies and realize that some of our best female role models and trailblazing feminists are wives and mothers.

She will still have the FBI investigating her corrupt dealings while she tenured at the state department, of course. But essentially so many Americans are happy to be rid if her.

So happy!
And the fools who I proved wrong on this board....likely we will never hear from them again...i mean they lost and lost it big time....

Ipening up a huge bag of popcorn...
Blue corn and lots of butter.

Pop pop pop...hillarys washed up like tricky male private part Nixon a slow demise.

Px out!!

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The FBI has an intensive investigation ongoing into the Clinton Foundation., if she were elected she would be like Nixon on a sinking ship...
For Nixon his secret tapes were earthed up after the Watergate fiasco...

For Hillary her secret server was earthed up after the Benghazi fiasco., since she was not elected the FBI investigation into the Clintons and their corrupt scam she is Nixon 2.0

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Hillary Rodham and the fickled fuching finger of fate

Once upon a time I pondered ms. Rodham as president.  She is a rube from Scranton Pennsylvania suburbs.  This was back after I watched the Clintons attempt to make a grand entrance out of a double door Victorian to speak to a throng of voters.  The door would not open-as they thought they could orchestrate this "bit" for "the electorate" took them 10 minutes to get the door open....many political jokes and poking fun while we waited....

To be fair....i couldn't give a pigs ass who or what they represented.

But I watched with some suspicion....1992

Bill Clinton lied about having an affair...but Hillary Rodham truly enabled bill because she had a long which in which she sabotaged herself, in the end and began an evening of destructive behavior and explosive temper so deep that she could NOT face her supporters.

Hillary spoke for hours to the American people in a pink dress----it was bullshite enabling of her husbands dalliances...all b.s.

Hillary Rodham claimed to have arrived in Bosnia during the late nineties under a pelting of snipers and lead....

Warner Wolf said, "lets go to the videotape"....hillary and Chelsea arrived to flowers and smiles...they waved....

That day, I changed my opinion of her and realized--since I am an expert in human behavior and a human lie detector--Hillary Clinton I a congenital liar.

Hillary Rodham wanted to make Libya her success story....

She wanted, as her slime weasel, "Alfred Rosenberg" type--Sidney Blumenthal---- to make a grand entrance to a fawning press conference where she could say....

I have rid us of kadhafi and have a successful standing embassy in Benghazi....and our efforts to build a democracy are underway....

Benghazi is the beginning of the end for Rodham....utter, 3am failure...while she failed miserably to recognize that ambassador Stevens needed under prepared for a genuine guerrilla warzone.

No genuine remorse from Rodham...why were we investigating her actions when she had orchestrated a "paper Mache" "arb" as she likes to use Scranton Pennsylvania accent when not using a "black voice imitation" when speaking to black southern churches.....please, such disingenuous pandering to black to be fooled....and many folks have been duped by the shoot and jive and whatever.

What difference does it make? And why are we trying to look backwards?

Because Hillary--- you fuches up.  You ruined peoples lives...and most "sinful" and grievous, you lied to dead son's mothers about "getting to the one who made the video"...

That act alone is how grace, karma, kismet returns to roost....

Hillary Rodham Los the election THAT very day she testified...because the press tried to make it seem that she was correct and presidential....but the voters were not to be fooled, again by Rodham.

Like Watergate, like Waterloo....Benghazi and Hillary Rodhams actions or lack of action there coat her the election...

You can almost trace Benghazi and its timeline to the election over the timeline of Watergate....

Hillary Rodham and Richard Nixon have a great deal in common.

Finally, its over for Rodham....she will now bake cookies....and maybe go to jail...unless Obama pardons her....

Lets see if the parallels continue...

Bye, Hillary.  Good riddance.

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...89174....people need to read the above post....

I know many people view this particular thread....

I am happy, many of you know I have been on point with this election from the beginning...

I hope someone who knows Rodham personally tells her to read the last post.

I've met Clinton personally and can tell you, in one word, how most people who know her, think of her when they remove all their personal bias.

Hillary Rodham is "disingenuous".

I dismissed her approach to me and said, "You're right, now why don't you yourself go into the kitchen and light a fire under somebody's ass and get this thing started?  I'm an invited guest."

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Omg? Trump showing first respects to Taiwan after they reach out to congratulate him instead of China.  Chinese currency value was already on upturn because of their economic slowdown but hopefully this trump guy will start to get them to bring it up to speed and end their artificial manipulation.

No more nation building and overthrowing dictators like that idiot clinton did.

Funny, the hillaristas have been thwarted but some of the sore losers will relax with their new president.

I'm happy.  Many people I know are glad to be rid of her corrupt pretense on the world stage