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“She will need super delegates to take her over the top of the convention in Philadelphia. In other words, the convention will be a contested contest,”

Well, well, well there you go Hillary Clinton fans---Bernie just said this so I think we all should take a deep breath and realize that this primary season is just getting better every day.

He is not getting out of the race. PERIOD!

...Oh, yeah and my sources are out there--just do a little work and look it up yourself.   8)

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Btw.  If we were still able to go back and edit our posts I would bot post as much.  My spelling would be better and pilunctyatio---lol


Bernie sanders is now poised to win the great state of Indiana-amazing!!!!!

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How fun is it to read the wall st journal fawn over trumps 15point lead--on and on and on and on and on and on and then 1 paragraph about sanders getting ready to WIN in Indiana-- shshshshshshhsh!

Dont tell anyone.

Mainstream newspapers better keep a lid on this--especially Ny times--

Dont talk about bernie whatever you do.

He still is going to win Indiana at tho point--open election--even Republicans can vote for bernie--and they will. Lmao!!

Feel the Bern!!!!


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If Bernie had Clintons artificial super delegates. She would demand to stay in the race even though there would be no way for her to catch up with him.

So, on to California after bernies victory in Indiana...

Hell, Clinton may even lose some of her firewall states to bernie--eg west Virginia.

Oh yeah, and California will be the bigger win for Bernie.

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Bernie WON Indiana!!!!!


Just like I have been saying!!!

FBI is chipping away at Clintons trust.

Plus Bernie is the favored candidate

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You know what, I got that wrong.  Huma was not called in tuesday this week to interview with the FBI."

Huma was called in to interview for a position at FBI on Thursday

Hillary is telling folks that she too is interviewing for a job at the FBI.

I would truly enjoy a photograph of her face right after she comes out of her interrogation-- I mean, interview, or musical review or whatever else shes calling it.

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Criminal Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Email--July, 23, 2015

WASHINGTON — Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open an investigation into whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection with the personal email account Hillary Rodham Clinton used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.

...a periodical

The times got it right!!!!!

then Nixon called on the CIA to stop the FBIs watergate investigation-- but they

The Hillary Clinton campaign sent a nearly 2,000-word letter to the executive editor of The New York Times this week expressing "grave concern" with a recent and controversial report relating to the former Secretary of State's private email account.

The clinton campaign was doomed from that article up til today.

Now mrs Clinton will be interrogated----LAST!

She's the target.

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Donald Trump, who has the backing of many Democrats is already systematically taking apart Hillary Clinton and as polls suggest will beat her in the general election.

Hillary Clinton will most likely NOT be the nominee for the democrats because of her FBI criminal investigation.

This will be obvious within 10 days when we get a photo opportunity after or before she goes in for her police questioning---her lawyer, David will be present to coach her--- but it is really almost over her.

I'm looking at May 11th but at least 23rd for that to happen. 

The Clinton want this to happen before memorial day.

We shall see.

Apparently, the evidence Brian Pagliano and Huma Weiner have provided is overwhelming.

Simply put, from the beginning of hillarys time at the State Department she set up her own illegal back channels for her daily correspondence and foundation dealings to circumvent government records laws. 

Unironically, her incompetence in Benghazi exposed her whole system of foundation work off the books and top secret information mishandling, destruction and spillage.


Hillary is toast.
Bernie will be our candidate for the Whitehouse along with trump.

More popcorn anyone?????


Pay attention future lawyers😉🎇🎆

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Friday may 27, or Monday may 30.

Not sure the FBI will wait for her campaign to get there.

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Bernie sanders will win West Virginia, Kentucky and Oregon.

Sorry, Hillary fans

It's called momentum!!!!!