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Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?


Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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I also think you might want to sum up your statement.

Really the facts are that due to mental health issues a series of unfortunate events occurred that you take full responsibility for. You are currently under psychiatric care from several mental health professionals and doing much better. Due to the incidents that occurred at X school you believe it is best that you and X school part ways. However, you want to pursue your dream of becoming an attorney and would like the appropriate paperwork/etc from X school to assist with a transfer. You apologize for the situation and wish things could have turned out differently, but your mental health issues created an unfortunate situation, but now that you have it under your control you would like the school's assistance with transferring.

It really doesn't need to be four paragraphs long.

Bad things occurred and mistakes were made. Ask for what you want, which is the ability to transfer schools and be over apologetic to the school. Even if you don't mean it and the school screwed everything up, just get what you need from them move on do well in the legal profession.

Thanks. Should I submit a letter of recommendation to the local schools from my psychotherapist?

Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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Some notes on the addendum:

Paragraph 1:
I'd delete it. Loki is correct, it sounds hostile. I know that you disagree, but as an outsider looking in it sounds hostile. It sounds like there is an ongoing argument with your old school, and that's not what you want to lead with.

Paragraphs 2 & 3:
These are OK. They may ask for specific details.

Paragraph 4:
Way too long. This needs to be more concise. The info about support groups etc is repeated in P5, so I would shorten this by focusing on medical treatment.

Paragraph 5:
Too long, but you're on the right track with summing it all up and focusing on the positive steps you've taken.


Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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I need the first para in order to express why the second para is so general/vague.  If I had the educational records the account would be more detailed, but I don't because the dean refused to send them to me. 

The support group is part of the medical treatment, so I have to include it in the paragraph about treatment. 

Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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Ok. It's your application, do as you please.

Keep this in mind throughout the readmission/application process:
You are asking for a favor. In fact, you're asking for a pretty damn big favor that no one is obligated to provide. Your language and actions should always reflect that you are aware of this.

The admissions people at the new law school are going to be skeptical of any application involving disciplinary issues. Given the unusual circumstances of your case, any indication of hostility or ongoing problems is likely to seem amplified. Trust me, they don't want to hear you blame your old school for anything.

I'm not sure that you understand that some of verbage you use comes off as defensive, even though it may be unintended. You've asked for and received objective feedback by non-interested parties. If you want to take it to heart, great. If not, that's cool too. 


Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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What in my essay comes across as defensive?  I clearly express remorse and shame over my past misconduct. 

Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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Before I begin, I would like for you to know that I formally requested disciplinary records from [Law School] in order to aid me in fully and accurately writing this disclosure to you. [Name of Dean], the Associate Dean for Student Conduct, however, has outright refused to send me the documentation that I required. Therefore, this account is solely based on my memory of the events as they transpired. Any mentions of dates are mere approximations, as my recollection what occurred is somewhat hazy given the fact that I was under the influence of untreated mental illness at the time. As follows is an account of my regrettable disciplinary history at [Law School].

The first two sentences bolded and underlined are extremely defensive and hostile.  You are saying they didn't do things for you, but you were the one that caused the issues. Considering your mental health is already in question it is very possible you may not even requested the documents. As Maintain says you are asking for a favor attacking someone that you are asking for a favor from is generally not a good idea.


Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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I'm not "attacking" anyone.  I'm just saying the facts:  I formally requested educational records, and the request was denied.  How else am I going to express that?

Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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There all kinds of facts that could be brought up, but there is a difference between bringing up relevant facts and irrelevant and keeping your ultimate goal in mind.

All you want of this whole interaction is their blessing to transfer schools and the appropriate paperwork. Focus on getting that done. What they did or didn't do doesn't matter.

You want to keep this as simple as possible not make it complicated. Why do they need to know every fact, detail etc?

Basically all you need to do is say due to my mental health issues, which I am receiving treatment for a series of unfortunate events occurred. As a result of these instances I understand continuing my education at X school is not possible. However, now that I am on a road to recovery I want to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney at a different school. I would appreciate the support of the school to provide any paperwork necessary to assist in my transfer.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to putting these issues behind me.

A four paragraph dissertation about every detail won't help anything. Try to keep it as simple as possible and keep your goal in mind.

All you want is to transfer schools and you need your current school's help. Do not get into any fact disputes etc just get your paperwork.

This is a good quote to live by, "Any fool can complicate things, but it takes a genius to simplify them."

Be smart and keep this request as simple as possible.


Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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Thanks, I am trying to strike a balance between brevity and full disclosure. 

Re: transferring, I have too many credits to transfer.  What I am trying to do is become a visiting student at a local law school.  Visiting means that you take classes at another school but get your degree from your original school. 

Re: Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
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Ok explain that in detail. When drafting these letters be sure to explain what it is you want.

You have had a bunch of statements about medications, records, etc, but I was unclear that was your ultimate goal. Getting your ultimate goal across is the number #1 priority.

You may also see if it is possible to transfer without graduating from your school. It is a step backwards, but it that is another way to get you to your ultimate goal of a J.D.

Don't get lost in the muck your goal is to graduate from law school end of story. There are three ways to accomplish that. (1) Restart at your current school and graduate, but this seems highly unlikely; (2) Be a visiting student at X school and graduate from your current school; (3) Transfer to a new school and lose credits.

Figure out the best way to get one of those three paths and leave the other stuff out of it. Your current dosage, your school not turning over records you requested, the names of your therapists, the details of the events that led to your suspension are not relevant to achieving your ultimate goal so don't bring them up.