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What would count as a "serious hardship" to visit out for 3L?

I'm a second semester 2L.

I hate my school. I hate this city. I've hated it since roughly the middle of first semester of 1L, and it hasn't gotten any better. I tried to make it work, but at this point, I'm done. My school says it needs to see "serious hardship" to allow classes taken somewhere else, aka 3rd year visiting.

Before I came here, I was an active, happy person. I had a high stress job with long hours, but I was also outgoing and energetic and I never met a stranger. I want to be that way again, and I don't think I can be anything other than miserable here. What would count as the "serious hardship" my school says they have to see to let me out? Since I've been here I've been stalked by another student to the extent that the school had to get a restraining order (think Single White Female) and drugged and assaulted off-campus by a non-student. I've developed and been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and an eating disorder, none of which I ever had before. I never leave the house anymore except to go to classes or the gym. I'm on anti-depressants and an anti-anxiety med for the first time in my life, not that it's helping much.

This isn't a normal "can't handle law school" thing. I don't actually mind the work, and I'm doing fine academically. I just hate the city, the people, the school policies and politics, the weather...  do you think a letter from a psychiatrist would be enough?

Re: What would count as a "serious hardship" to visit out for 3L?
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It's difficult to say because nobody on this board works for your school or knows what their particular definition of "serious hardship" means.

But, just looking at the situation you've described I would think that it certainly qualifies. I'm not familiar with the 3rd year visiting thing. Does that just mean that you take your last year of classes somewhere else?

Ask your school what they require, and apply. That's all you can really do. They'll be able to give you better info than anyone here.

One thing to consider might be taking a little time off from law school. I know you said you're doing well academically, but maybe you could use a break? After graduation you'll need to prep for the bar, which can be quite stressful. It might be a good idea to sort out any problems now, before that whole process begins.

Re: What would count as a "serious hardship" to visit out for 3L?
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I guess I'm afraid to put it out there with my school because if they say it isn't enough, I'm trapped. I would do just about anything to get away, and I'm debating whether I should just take the safe route and marry a platonic friend in another state, with the understanding that it's a temporary solution to save me from this hellhole, and we will split as soon as we can. Seems extreme, but I want out that much. I hate lying, I hate feeling trapped into this, but I don't have any faith that they'd be reasonable and let me go for the legit reasons.

Third year visiting is basically domestic exchange. You can't transfer after 2L from anywhere thst I know of without redoing the credits, but you can attend another school as a visitor and accrue credits toward graduation at your original school. Some schools are pretty relaxed about it - I just happen to go to a school that's not.


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Re: What would count as a "serious hardship" to visit out for 3L?
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There's the old saying- this, too, shall pass. This is not mean to belittle your pain (which is personal, and sounds serious), but rather to try and help you get some perspective.

First, apply to be a visiting student. I had a friend that did that at my old school, and it worked for them. Your fear is that they say no- well, what's the worse that could happen? They might say no, in which case you are *no worse off than you are now.* But you should try.

Second, don't do something rash like marry someone in a different state (wtf?). That is, literally, a nonsensical answer to your solutions that will have long-term ramification that you probably aren't thinking through.

Third, seriously consider taking some time off (a semester?) and seeking some help. Again, this does not belittle your situation, your judgment, or your experiences. But people can experience depression that is innate, and you might want to consider that it is not just your environment that is affecting you.

Good luck!

Re: What would count as a "serious hardship" to visit out for 3L?
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2015, 03:23:42 PM »
Good posts and this is why location is and personal feelings about the school are so much more important than rankings etc. Where you live and the people you are around make the experience.

As to your question of course your school is going to say it needs to be a serious hardship. You are a paying student and they don't want to let you go easily, but if you really want to leave you can apply to be a visiting student and you will be much better off reaching out to the schools you are interested in visiting as they will be interested in you paying them and have an incentive to make it happen. Your current school does not. So hypothetically if you want move to New York reach out to schools in New York I included Cardozo's link . It looks like you can transfer up to 42 units and maybe you would lose credits or something, but ask around to the schools you are interested in and there might be a way.

However, you might also just want to finish out 3L one year in the grand scheme of things is not that big of a deal, but I think your post shows why location/personal feelings about a school mean so much more than anything else.

Good luck.