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What is the cheapest online law school?

Re: What is the cheapest online law school?
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Hello.  Thus begins $0.02 worth of info from a newbie

I've been looking over these various issues just lately, focusing almost entirely on California schools as they allow you to sit for the bar (and baby bar, of course) exam.  There are the seven currently "registered, unaccredited, correspondence schools" on the  California Bar website: [There is additional information on "registered, unaccredited, distance" schools, but I've not researched the distinction.]  Here is what I found regarding the prices, but take it with a grain of salt, please; I'm not sure if they include fees or books or whatever.

American International School of Law: $2900 for the first year, $2000 / yr thereafter
California Southern University: approx $25,000 in monthly pmts., but with "a remaining balance" at the end
International Pacific School of Law: approx. $29,000 total
Northwestern California University School of Law: $2850 / yr
Oak Brook College of Law: $5000 / yr
Taft Law School: $330.00 per unit, $7920 / yr (?)
University of Honolulu School of Law: $3000 / yr

For what it's worth, some of the latest bar Pass Rates that I found indicated that 30% - 50% pass rates for Northwestern and Oak Brook, slightly lower for Concord and Taft.  The rest have fairly low rates, but to be fair the numbers are fairly small, like say 1 (one) test taker, so the percentage may be 0 or 100.

Hope this helps.  Next up for me: finish the undergrad work first, then take this step.

Re: What is the cheapest online law school?
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I think one of the important things to consider about Oak Brook and NWCU is that they have consistently better pass rates than other DL schools. As you stated, some places will post a 50-100% pass rate but they only have one or two takers. The sample size is just too small to make any conclusions. I seem to remember that Oak Brook and NWCU usually have at least 10-20 takers and their pass rates are consistent (low compared to ABA, but better than average for DL).

As far as some other schools, here are two things I'd be VERY wary of:

1) Schools with consistently low pass rates (one good year does not make a trend).

2) Schools who have NO bar takers at all for several years. You can check the Calbar site to see the yearly results.

Re: What is the cheapest online law school?
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I think I can't help because a lot of other users already answers to you.