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NYC Sublet - Upper West Side right next to express subways

Is anyone looking for a summer sublet in NYC? If so, hit me up. I'm a 2L at CLS but I won't be in the city this summer, so my room in a 3 bedroom that I share with two other 2Ls (who are staying in the city - Proskauer and O'Melveny) at 96th and Columbus is available!

It is a great spot, a nearly 300 square foot master bedroom suite with an en suite private bathroom and two closets that is totally independent of the rest of the apartment, but you also have the benefit of two great roommates, a massive living room, and a newly-renovated kitchen.

You guys can find pictures and more info at its airbnb listing: Don't worry about the price listed - as a law student special I'll knock the rent to $2300 all-inclusive.

Email me at [email protected] if you're interested!


More pictures:

Re: NYC Sublet - Upper West Side right next to express subways
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