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Think twice or several times before going to law school

Think twice or several times before going to law school
« on: November 25, 2013, 09:20:50 PM »
For several years I vacillated about going to law school for several reasons. One of the reasons is that I kept hearing that it was not worth it, and it was not all what it seems.  I therefore decided to go to paralegal school and see what it was like. Honestly I am so glad I did not spend all that time and money studying to become a lawyer.  It is not as prestigious as one would think.  In my opinion it is boring, and once you know the routine and rules of your local court you literally become a paper pusher and filer.  It is a shame that law school is so expensive, since the new attorneys know nothing about practicing law, and are talked down to by experienced paralegals.  These same attorneys also seem like little puppies waiting for a bone to be tossed to them by the more senior attorneys.  Some you will continue your journey towards becoming a lawyer and all I can of luck. 

Re: Think twice or several times before going to law school
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It is good you determined it was not for you, but it can be a very rewarding career. I am an attorney and love it, but I have worked at horrible places and awesome ones. The law is like any career it works for some and not for others I would never want to be a nurse or doctor, but plenty of people love it.

However, I encourage anyone interested in attending law school to do what the OP did and test it out. I was a paralegal myself before law school and knew it was for me, but the OP just saved  3 years of his life and 100K by seeing how it works first hand.

This is basically like every profession T.V. and Movies glamorize Doctors, Lawyers, Cops, but at the end of the day your going to work and will have to deal with B.S and I don't know many people in any profession that claim to be underworked and overpaid.