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Michigan State University College of Law LEO Program-Review

Michigan State University College of Law LEO Program-Review
« on: August 07, 2013, 10:33:40 AM »
Hey all,
When I was admitted to the LEO Program, I realized there was a lack of reviews for this program online. Eventually, I found someone who gave me a great review and answered all my questions, so I feel that I should give my review of the program.

I loved this program and would definitely recommend it to anyone. It runs for 6 weeks from early may to late june and costs around $1,350 and it is worth every penny. You take Torts, Property, Research and Writing, Academic Skills, and a Writing Workshop (5 classes). The brochure says that there may be some activities on the weekends so don't plan anything...not true. Our weekends were free to do whatever we wanted. Some people went home, others did homework outside laying on the grass. For Torts and Property, you have a midterm and final and you don't get letter grades, but you do get grades ranging from Needs Help to Highly Satisfactory. For Research and Writing, you have to write a long memo (depending on your professor). All in all, it's doable. Sometimes you feel like you are barely floating, but if you can survive the 6 intense weeks, you can survive law school (that's how I feel).

So now let's get to the important stuff.

You will be staying in Owen Hall, and if you have never visited, the campus has well water. If you are like me and have never experienced well water, you are in for a shock. I suggest you get a water filter to have some drinkable water. Also the bathrooms are meant for one person to use at a time. There is a door on both sides, except it does not lock from the inside. So you have to make some sort of arrangement to let your suite-mate know you are using the bathroom. The water is yellow and smells WONDERFULLY of metal, especially early in the morning.
If you have never been to Michigan, bring some warmer clothes with you. My first week there, the weather was in the 30s...I was expecting summer. I had no warm clothes and was shivering. Luckily I found a space heater.
Also, Owen Hall has no A/C so bring a fan, even a small one works. Owen Hall provides linens, so if you can't bring it, then you are in luck. 

I'm sure everyone has tons of questions before coming here. As I said, I would recommend doing the program. I feel that every 1L should do this. It is very beneficial. Also, the percentage of those who get in after the program ends is high. As long as you work hard and show improvement, you will get in.
If anyone has any other questions, feel free to email me. I'd be happy to help out. GOOD LUCK!!