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Hey 0Ls... Check this out!

Hey 0Ls... Check this out!
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:58:26 AM »
I'm a 2012 grad from Northwestern Law and I work for a startup that offers study and career networking tools for law students at Northwestern, Michigan, and NYU. We're expanding to more schools this fall, and this summer are opening up a free pre-law portal for students about to begin their 1L year. The portal will feature helpful articles on transitioning to law school, an interactive case briefing tutorial that will expose students to 50-60 of the most commonly taught 1L cases, and a preview of our career networking tools. We're rolling out access gradually over the next two weeks, and have opened our early sign-up list.

You can sign-up here:

To reiterate, this is all completely free, and is available to students from any law school who sign up at the above link. Our main site is also free to existing law students at schools that we are open at. We're using the pre-law portal partly to introduce ourselves to students and partly to get an idea of what schools to open at next based on the number of people who sign up from each school.

Seriously, there is absolutely no down side to trying us out.