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Top 6 CA On-Line School Ranking

Top 6 CA On-Line School Ranking
« on: June 07, 2013, 09:56:17 PM »
I have performed a lot of research on online non ABA schools.  I will choose one very soon.  Note that ABA schools have a 62% pass rate for CA Baby Bar for 1st timers. The below ranking is based on the percentage of 1st time Baby Bar takers to pass.
1) California School of Law pass rate is 46% average for past 3 years. (cost is $9,000/year) 57 first time takers over 3 years. Drawback is that you must view class session only at specific times to stay in the program.  That is probably why they highest success rate.
2) California Southern University pass rate is 44% average for past 3 years. Only 16 first time takers over 3 years. (cost is $6,500/year)
3) Northwestern CA Univ pass rate is 34% and cost is $4,500).
4) Taft pass rate is 25%. (Cost is $7,920)
5) Concord pass rate is 24% (Cost is $9,984)
6) Abraham Lincoln Univ pass rate is 23%.  Even though I like there on-line program. (Cost is $7,500)
I am leaning toward # 2 California Southern, but need more specifics.  Any one have any experience with that school.

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Re: Top 6 CA On-Line School Ranking
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2013, 06:59:05 AM »
Although Monterey College of Law is a brick-and-mortar CBE accredited law school, we have allowed our sudents to take courses at California Southern as an alternative in situations where they have an unavoidable conflict with a required on-site course. Our students have had a very good experience with CalSouthern courses. The books and syllabi are frequently the same and the students report that faculty are very responsive. Fair warning, it is not a program to undertake unless you are very self-motivated and an excellent time manager. You do not have the benefit of class and faculty peer pressure to keep you on-track and it could be easy to languish along the way. I also believe that it is essential to establish an online study group if you are not going through the program with others who you know. In the process of studying law . . . it is difficult to know what you don't know . . . unless you have someone, or a class environment, with whom, or where you can test your understanding and hear other opinions. Going it alone in an online program will provide only one-half of the learning process if you don't develop an academic support environment to help expand your exploration of the ideas and concepts. This can extend into the bar review process as well which is one of the reasons that I believe the pass rate is low for online programs. It has nothing to do with the curriculum or faculty (they are likely to be perfectly adequate). . . and everything to do with how difficult it is to try and learn law on your own . . . and a whole lot less enjoyable.