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Nebraska Law or Denver/Sturm Law?

Nebraska Law or Denver/Sturm Law?
« on: April 14, 2013, 11:05:01 AM »
I applied to 4 schools: Drake (Des Moines), U of Wyoming (Laramie), U of Nebraska (Lincoln), and Sturm (Denver). I have received a yes from 3/4 and nothing yet from Denver. I live in the Denver area and I have no issues relocating. I know that Drake and Wyoming are ranked below the top 100. US News puts Drake at 109 and Wyoming at 113  I was not certain I would get into a top 100 school. I honestly don't know how important that really is if you aren't going to HSY anyway. However, I do know the pitfalls of going to a 4th tier school. A friend of mine went to Dayton, OH (not high enough to get a rank on US News, but listed between 180-195.) and regrets going there. Nonetheless, Top Law Schools puts Sturm at 69th and UNL at 89th but US News puts UNL at 61st and Sturm at 64th. I am confused. Why the difference? Which is better?
I was going to put this in the discussion thread about rankings, but my question is more geared towards where to go. Let's assume that I get a yes back from Sturm, the price is only a few thousand more since I would be paying out of state tuition for UNL, but I may be able to get the in-state price after living there a year. I don't mind paying the high price of Sturm, but I want to go to a higher ranked school--but I also want to practice in Colorado. I am going to write a letter to Drake and Wyoming thanking them for their offer, but respectfully declining. I am very optimistic about getting a yes from Sturm, and I need to start planning to relocate either way.

So my question is, should I go to University of Nebraska College of Law or University of Denver Sturm College of Law?   Thank you!!


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Re: Nebraska Law or Denver/Sturm Law?
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2013, 02:05:54 PM »
If you want to practice in Colorado, go to school in Colorado. It really is just that simple. If you want to work in Denver, specifically, do whatever you must to go to DU. Better still, start making local contacts in the legal community. You can talk with Judge Alfred Harrell at the Denver County/Municipal Court about going to meetings of the Inns of Court, where you will meet local attorneys, get to know them, and best of all, let them get to know you.

Re: Nebraska Law or Denver/Sturm Law?
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2013, 08:05:36 PM »
First please please do not take the rankings seriously on top of that just because one person had a bad experience at a law school does not mean everyone did. I am an attorney and can tell you there are successful grads from all level of law schools and there are people from Harvard that never pass the bar.

Remember U.S. News is a for-profit unregulated magazine and the rankings change drastically year to year. University of San Francisco was top 100 last year and now they are 145 what happened at the school over one year? Nothing I guarantee you and I worked alongside several people who attended USF, Golden Gate, Santa Clara, Hastings, Davis, etc and the name of our school never comes up getting our job done does.

As to your question where do you want to live Nebraska or Denver? If you want to live in Nebraska then Nebraska will be a good fit and if you want to live in Denver that will serve your purpose. If you do not want to live in Denver or Nebraska do not go to school to either of those places.

I was a OL once and like you took the rankings far to seriously, but now realize what absolute B.S. they are. It is a magazine nothing more who has ranked Albuquerque, New Mexico as the best place to live. Will you move to Albuquerque, because U.S. News says it is #1 probably not same logic applies to law school.

I will also tell you what you learn at an ABA law school is exactly the same you will take torts, contracts, civil procedure, property, and you will read Supreme Court Decisions and believe it or not they do not write seperate opinions for Harvard v. Dayton it is the same you will then graduate and take Barbri or Kaplan to pass the bar and if you pass your an attorney. There is no Tier 4 law school license they are all the same.

I see a lot of the mistakes I made as a OL in your post so I apologize for my rambling, but just use common sense when choosing your school and do not use U.S. News as the main factor for your decision especially when dealing with schools of this caliber. If it were Harvard or somethign it would matter, but I guarantee you nobody knows what these schools are ranked.