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A WARNING about Phoenix School of Law

Re: A WARNING about Phoenix School of Law
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Outstanding post Maintain and that is precisely at the end of the day unless you got into Harvard, Yale, or Stanford there is a school that probably rejected you.  Additionally, not everybody wants to go to Harvard, Yale, or Stanford even if they had the opportunity.

If you attend Phoneix Law School you are probably not going into BigLaw or going to be sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court and realistically neither is someone from ASU, but you can have a great legal career if you are a licensed attorney.

I agree the tuition is expensive, but it is realistically that amount at any law school that doesn't offer in-state tuition. If you can get into a school that offers in-state tuition do it as that can save substantial sums of money, but for various reasons people attend other schools and may not be a resident of a state with a school that offers in-state tuition.

Not everyone can have a 4.0 and 180 on their LSAT and there are plenty of people out there that need lawyers for basic legal services and do not need the Valedictorian from Harvard to help them with a child custody case, but they need someone.

Phoneix law school can be great for the right person, but as with anything you need to have appropriate expectations.


Re: A WARNING about Phoenix School of Law
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As with anything you need to...what?

I have my doubts about PSL. I'd be interested in seeing what percentage of their 1Ls go on to be attorneys making money for more than a couple years. Hell, even a year of anything besides hanging out your shingle and praying. Fact is, the market sucks right now, and "even" people from schools like ASU aren't getting jobs regularly.

There may be a law school, using the term loosely, for everyone, but law school is about more than 3 years of classes and eventually passing the bar. This is not to single out PSL other than the fact that they are the topic of discussion, but I wouldn't recommend a significant minority of ABA schools either. The statistics show that unless you are well connected or go to a very top school, you are much more likely to end up having a ton of debt and wasted time with nothing to put on your résumé.

Before anyone posts back saying i know such and such lawyer who went to such and such no name school and got a great job, all I can say is good for your friend but look past the anecdotal evidence and look at the statistics. Everyone wants to be in the top 10% and law schools are great at assembling a class within a few IQ points of each other. Sorry if this comes off as harsh but that is reality these days.

Good luck to anyone facing this decision.

Re: A WARNING about Phoenix School of Law
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Appropriate expectations is what I meant.   Again there are plenty of satisfied graduates from Tier 4 Schools and dissatisfied students from Tier 1 schools. Many people often assume going to law school means you will be paid substantial sums of money for getting a degree, but that is not the case and if you go to non-prestigious school you really better not have that expectation that anything will be handed to you, but I think the problem is that often at Tier 4 schools you have students with very unreal expectations, which leads to disappointment.