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Hi All

I was hoping to get some advice.

My husband and I are planning to move to New York City (we are both UK citizens) later this year (visas are being sorted by my husband's work). Having worked in market research for ten years I am about to start retraining as a UK solicitor. The first step of this training for me is the UK law conversion course (called the GDL) which I will be doing part time over two years via distance learning.

What I am looking for is recommendations on what other law related activities I could do while I am in New York. I am particularly interested in legal related volunteering (In the UK I would consider doing things like being a Citizens Advice Bureau adviser or a McKenzie Friend) or work experience (e.g. internships or a part time para-legal job). I would love to get any recommendations on legal charities and what other things I could do. It would also be great to understand how restricted I will be due to (a) being an non-US citizen and (b) studying UK not US law.