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3/125 T4 (Elon) -> ?

3/125 T4 (Elon) -> ?
« on: June 05, 2012, 12:20:42 AM »
Little help here would be great!

As title says, I'm 3/125 (Top 2.5%) at a T4 (Elon - good reputation due to parent school). I'm gunning for JAG. Not URM, but paid 1L SA with a Fortune 300 company in-house. UGPA = 3.8 (Finance), Magna cum laude / LSAT = 154

Chances at...

UVA? (I'm from VA)
W&M? (Soft spot for W&M, live close-by)
George Mason?

Where else should I apply? I need to get out of NC because I don't like it here much. I have a feeling I should have more T2ish "safe" schools, even with my high rank.