Law School Discussion

Do you watch series like Boston leagal or Good Wife trying to learn something?

I am still able to find time watching series like these. You can actually pick up a thing or two from them.

Tribbles caught the Klingon spy- how patriotic

I agree with Nova. I love studying law, but as a law student, TV shows about lawyers are mostly unbearable. It's the same when I watch movies about the Marine Corps. I can't sit there without noticing every little thing that the actors do wrong like when the officer salutes the enlisted man instead of the other way around, or when the private talks back to a captain. This does not happen in real life. Ever. TV makes being an attorney appear glamorous, but in my experience, most attorneys are rather ordinary, if bright, people.
yeah  I agree with you on that

Tribbles caught the Klingon spy- how patriotic
Tribbles ? Is that a novel? sounds nice.

Not to learn; just for fun.

I prefer film like My Cousin Vinny(screened in 1992) , not too long and enough for fun ;)

I try to learn as much as I can from Louis Canning on The Good Wife. He's such a good lawyer.
yeah, I have heard about it and it was recommended by our professor ;D

scott turow much better on this.  of course, he lawyer.

thanks for recommendation ;)

Let me get this straight: there are people that think T.V. shows are educational?  Its just a show, not designed to be anything other than entertaining.  What could you possibly learn?

I like Star Trek, but other than social satire and criticisms, which is present in any worthwhile piece of lit or film, I'm not expecting to learn anything about physics or molecular bio.  Boston Legal is funny and entertaining, but that's about it.

I see, actually I prefer films to T.V. shows .

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