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are there any states that allow u to petition the state to let you take the bar exam from a non aba school?

someone said Maine was easy to petition.

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No petition is easy and I doubt Maine would grant it for a non resident in any event.


Maine Bar Admission Rule 10 (c) (3)) requires that applicants who graduate from a non-ABA accredited program must be admitted and practice in a jurisdiction for three years before they are eligible to sit for the Maine bar. MBAR 10(c)(3). Graduates of the Massachusetts School of Law are eligible to sit for the Maine bar exam if they have been admitted in Massachusetts and file a certificate of good standing with the Board:

(3) graduated from a law school accredited by the United States jurisdiction in
which it is located and has been admitted to practice by examination in one or more
jurisdictions within the United States and has been in active practice there for at least
3 years

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It's just like Maine to be biased in favor of Massachusetts. Maine should be more self-confident and less insecure about the popularity of its cooler neighbors.

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I hope your just trying to be funny. That's a pretty ridiculous thing to say. Silly goose.