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RI loses democracy


Re: RI loses democracy
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Yeah, but if you aren't claiming residancy in that state you aren't supposed to vote in that state's elections anyways.
As a result, they shouldn't worry about how it impacts their voting in that state as it would be a crime for them to do so.
They should just get an absontee ballot to vote in the district they claim residancy in same as anyone else who is out of town or can't otherwise make it to the polls. Seems pretty simple&obvious.

Students who moved to go to college and don't want to change their state of residence. It's not just "a state ID," it's "that state's ID." Here, since you obviously skipped the last link I posted, let me provide you another helpful link: click here

What college student (who is a citzen) does NOT have a state ID? Heck, you need one to do virtually anything school related or otherwise. How do you factor college students into that mix?

Yes. Voter ID laws disproportionately affect minorities, the elderly and college students. Coincidentally, all blocs of Democratic voters. Placing barriers to voting--just like poll taxes and literacy tests--are historically a means to limit the  number of people who aren't going to vote for "your guy." Same plays from the same play book.

Also: it's a non-solution looking for a problem.

How? By requiring photo ID?

they seem want keep people from voting.

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Re: RI loses democracy
« Reply #11 on: February 20, 2012, 02:27:27 PM »
you republicans need better strategy for winning elections.  this not cutting it.