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what do i need to do to transfer from Depaul to Loyola (Los Angeles) or MIami

Im a hispanic 1L at DePaul law. im looking to transfer to either miami or Loyola Marymount b/c one of these two locations is where i plan on living and opening up my sports agency . I did well in most of the classes  (1 a, 1 b+ b) but one class killed me (c-) my first semester. what do i need to do in order to get to one of these schools?


You should contact their admissions departments.  They will know historical values.  I think lsac has this information also. 

thanks anyone else have some advice?

My son is in the same situation, He is attending a T4 in Florida and wants to transfer to Miami. The admission said that he MUST have at least a 3.0 or top 20% to be considered.

Depaul is a T2 school, i just want to be closer to home
im pretty sure i can get a 3.2 to get that 3.0!