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University of Cincinnati College of Law

University of Cincinnati College of Law
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Ranking: Based on the prohibitive cost of attendance, this school must have an excellent reputation, correct?!?! If you feel that way, then you should leave the room for a minute. You will notice that Bob Morse and U.S. “News” & World Report rank the University of Cincinnati Commode of Law as the 61st greatest, most mesmerizing law school in the United States. The trash pile shares this distinction with the following five dung pits: Case Western Reserve University, Georgia State, Chicago-Kent, Seton Hall, and TTemple.

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Actually, I vised University of Cincinnati law school. Don't get confused with  the quality of a law school and the lack of legal jobs. These are two different factors. Yes, attending any school below the top 15 will make job searches much tougher. However , with that said, UC has a pretty good law school and will give a fine quality legal education. Everyone I know who has graduated from there liked the law school. Many are fine lawyers too.  It's a nice, boutique law school with some very decent programs.